10 Mobile Apps That Help Me Save Time

The Busy Woman's Guide to mobile apps

I’ve been asked these questions a couple of times, usually after I tell people what I do for a living: Where do you get the energy? How do you juggle everything? Do you even sleep?

On a typical day, this is what I have to do: (1) manage all aspects of marketing for BiTS, a business intelligence tech startup, (2) building a community and inspiring women at LadyBoss, and (3) marketing consulting for small businesses.

As the saying goes, “time is money“, here are some ways that I have found to be effective in making my day more productive:

As the saying goes, time is money

Honestbee: I order my groceries (snacks are very important in my life). I can’t imagine having to scour through the shelves in the supermarket, queue, and having to lug my groceries back from the shopping mall to my place; even if it’s just a short walking distance.


Deliveroo: For lunch because it’s too hot in the afternoons to head out and it’s a waste of time waiting for the food to be served. I do wish that the service would ask their vendors to use eco-friendly, biodegradable disposable wares.



ServisHero & Helpling: For cleaning. Cleaning is no easy feat. It adds no value to my life, but it has to be done. Someone has to clean up the mess that I make. I’m not entirely comfortable with a helper living with me, so this is a life-saving app!

Note: the quality of cleaning varies with each cleaner. It hasn’t been easy, but I finally found someone who is reliable and cleans really well whose details I will be sharing.


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Uber Grab: Commuting is a waste of time, definitely. Especially during peak hours and you’re squished in the train or bus – it’s impossible to type out an email or work on a presentation there. I prefer the comfort of an Uber or a GrabCar.




Burpple: If there’s an occasion that requires me to eat out, I go on Burpple. People spend too much time deciding on what to eat. Go on Burpple and find something! It’s like the Instagram of food, and the reviews there are more truthful than lifestyle websites!




Vaniday: I have to take time for grooming. Not saying that every woman needs to do it, but it’s something that I enjoy and indulge myself. Even then, I can do it efficiently. Instead of using Google to search for the services and then calling up the outlet to make an appointment, I use this app!

These are the appointments that I can book via the app: eyebrows waxing, blow dry, and haircut. During the weekends, I go for a much-needed massage, which I also book through the app.




Guavapass: Staying active is something I dread to do but do it because I’m approaching my late twenties and it seems like it’s a thing that well-rounded adults should do.

I can book a session at a studio that is located near my meeting and won’t get bored of the same exercise regime because there are so many types of fitness studios to try! I’ve tried boxing, yoga, dry-surfing, pilates




Not all of these apps are free but they certainly help me to save lots of time and are worth the fees.

What are some apps that you use to save time? Recommend me some!

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