10 Website Secrets to Attract More Business

Surfing Website
Surfing Website

85% of consumers use the internet to research on a business, product and service before making a purchase. Establishing a web presence can prevent competitors from poaching your customers and simply setting up an appropriate company website can reel your target audience right in.

Websites can also improve customer service. As there is no downtime on the Internet, customers can be updated 24/7 and have their queries answered almost immediately. And what better way to provide them with value-added service than to share handy information on your website? Knowledge-sharing is on method to connect with potential customers and eventually convert them into sales.

What is crucial is to build a website with the fundamental capabilities that will garner and drive targeted traffic is to build good website which able to drive targeted traffic. Here are 10 secrets to creating an ideal website to attract visitors and generate revenue 

1. Know Your Target Market 

The first step towards recognizing your target market is to have a proper understanding of the problems that your business tackle. Thereafter identify the groups of people who will be affected by these problems, these individuals will make up your target audience.

Make a list of your target audiences and group them accordingly to categories such as profession, age, education and etc. Find out how these groups of people may benefit from your products and services questioning what they lack in their lives and meeting their needs where possible.

2. Content: Strong Headlines

There are millions of websites in the cyberspace competing for several keywords, trying to be recognized as the first hit on search engines – but how exactly do you get people to read what you write?

Although good content and aesthetics are of great value to a website, a strong headline could give your website an edge over others. Pay special attention in crafting catchy and compelling titles for  your headlines and think out of the box to appeal to consumers and obtain the click-through

Useful key words that trigger consumer action include Free, Discount, Guaranteed, Incredible Offer, 1-for-1 Promotion, etc. To truly persuade a visitor to constantly return to your website, use question words such what, why, when or how as visitors are often looking for answers to their various queries

Take the subject “Riding A Scooter Bike” for instance. 3 effective example are:

  • “How to Ride A Scooter Bike?”
  • “Why I Love Riding Scooter Bike?”
  • “10 Ways to ride a Scooter Bike effortlessly”

3. “About Us” Page

The primary purpose of an “About Us” page is to inform the visitors about your company and what you do. The page should furnish visitors with background information they need such as the company’s history, awards and achievements as well as social proof and other authentic statements that can give your company image a boost.

4. A Clear Navigation Bar

A clear navigation bar is a plus to any website. Choose simple names for the tabs on the navigation bar and the web pages-logical naming of both tags and web pages should guide and direct visitors to a specific call-to-action.

5. Integrate Social Media & Videos

Using Social Media and embedding videos in your content can direct traffic to your website on a regular basis. The inbound links to your website from high-profile social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and others will increase your search engine results page ranking

Consider creating the following social media profiles:

* Linkedin – A professional site to showcase expertise and reach out to potential clients based on skills set

* Twitter – A social sharing platform where you can post relevant tips and information with links to corresponding articles on your website

* You Tube – Upload short yet succinct videos to demonstrate useful tutorials and give advice to customers

Always include a link back to an appropriate landing page on your own website and ensure you include a call-to-action on the page – for instance “Retweet” or “Share this video!”

6. Power Pictures and Graphics

Simplicity and succinctness are key in creating messages that are straightforward to understand. People are often impacted visually than textually, hence good graphic designs and images are more effective in engaging site visitors compared to text alone. A dynamic engagement which can lead to higher sales figures

7. Provide Impressive Testimonials

Positive and impactful testimonials are excellent for boosting site traffic. If you are in the service industry that replies on customer service and referrals, positive and impactful testimonials that appraise your company’s services will drive grater traffic to your site. For instance, an outdoor event service business could have client testimonials about excellent service delivery and efficiency.

8. An Opt-in Box

The use of personal data is a sensitive issue today- companies need to gain consumers’ approval with regards to collection, storage, usage and distribution of their information. Using an individual’s data without approval can put an organization in trouble. Hence, providing an “opt-in” box for users will allow them to indicate their consent and method of contact from the company or organization, thereby recording their decision.

9. Order Page

The main goal of any e-commerce website is to convert visitors to buying customers. The order confirmation page can also be called a ‘Thank You’ page.

It is only right to thank your customers each time they complete a payment and more importantly, it helps you to maintain healthy relationships and interaction with them, thereby increasing their returns to your site.

10. “Contact Us” Page

Any business that strives to engage its target audience needs to have a feedback channel where those interested in the company’s services or business can contact the relevant people for more information. Sign up for a customized domain email address and phone number and make sure you attend to your calls and answer your emails promptly.

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