2016 Recap: 10 Insights About Women & Business from LadyBoss Articles this Year

“If you don’t know what your passion is, realise that one reason for your existence of earth is to find it.” – Oprah Winfrey.


Known to many as the most influential woman in the world, Oprah has set new standards for women in this era, and given women many insights on women and business.

Here at LadyBoss, we’ve interviewed many passionate, go-getter and determined women throughout the year who have given us much to think about women and business.

Here’s 10 best insights on women and business from our LadyBosses.


In Search of Inspiration: 2 Brazilian Women and Their Global Quest for Female Entrepreneurs


“In general, women feel less capable than men and to become an entrepreneur, this condition is not favourable.

But another aspect stands out: the lack of female role models who will inspire them.” Taciana of The Girls on The Road


Grand Designs: Q&A with Florence Ng, Founder of Synergraphic, a Glass-Art Company

“Keeping the business going for the future is tough. But we just have to keep adapting and changing with the times.” Florence Ng of Synergraphic


Snack Attack: Q&A with Robin & Roslyn of Made Real, A Healthy Snack Subscription Service


“We’ve always believed that if we delivered a good product, and solved an actual problem for our customers, the growth would come naturally.” Robyn and Roslyn of Made Real


Interview with Bernadine Reddy, Co-Founder of The First Ever Singapore Beauty Week

“Our aim is also to bring attention to the Singapore beauty scene. Many ladies seek beauty treatments overseas, with the mentality that we are always lagging behind in terms of beauty treatments. But this isn’t so, many beauty service providers these days keep very up to date bringing in the latest beauty service trends to Singapore.” Bernadine Reddy of Singapore Beauty Week


Shaping Success: Q&A with Elida Teh, Founder Of D’elegance


“When most women hear about shapewear, the first thought that usually comes to mind is that for it to work, shapewear must be worn as tightly as possible. And if you believe in that too, then your next thought will likely be about how dreadful it’s going to feel when you have to go outdoors in a humid climate like Singapore.” Elida Teh of D’elegance


Home Away from Home: Q & A with 2 Singaporean Women Behind Easy Café In Yangon, Myanmar


“We envision easy and Gentlemen Coffee Roasters becoming an established household brand name frequented by everyday folks.” Javier and Melissa of easy Cafe


Brenda Kang, Purveyor of High End Vintage Jewellery


“Remember to thank the people who have helped you along the way even for small gestures. Gratitude helps build the business for the long run.” Brenda of Christie


Anna Haotanto On a Quest to Make Women Financially Savvy


“Women are at a very interesting juncture in history. We are earning more, progressing further in our careers yet still lagging behind men in financial literacy. Women control most of the household expenditure, yet we save and invest much lesser than men.” Anna of The New Savvy


The Whole Kitchen: Creating Delicious Snacks for The Health-Conscious


“We have been overwhelmed with the positive response we have received to our launch! It goes to show that people are open to exploring healthier options for themselves and their families and this is what we look to continue to bring to our customers.” Anne and Susan of The Whole Kitchen


Recap of Ladyboss Event, October 13: 3 Tips from The Panelists Of “Turning Passion Into Profit”


“You can’t just call it quit on your business and give up on your passion. Unlike hobbies, running a viable business as a passion is for the long run!” Cherry of Autelier Makeup, Panelist of “Turning Passion Into Profit.”

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