3 Game-Play Steps to Awaken Your Inner Hero

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Local educator, founder of Game of Life Academy, and author Anm Pek shares a snapshot of a chapter from her co-authored book Success Today, on using a gamer’s mindset to unleash the hero within.

“If life doesn’t offer a game worth playing, then invent a new one.” – this quote by motivational speaker Anthony J. D’Angelo may or may not change your life, but it changed mine tremendously. Back then, I created a simple mini-game for my life. Now, it has evolved into a Game of Life, the journey along which I have collected many secret codes to win it. The most important secret code is if you want to achieve the unimaginable, you start by imagining and believing it. Imagine every day, you are a hero who has great powers to change your life and the world.

Go through these levels, discover more secret codes in each level to awaken your heroic self, and unleash great powers in fun and exciting ways. Challenge yourself to complete these 3 levels within one week.


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Many of us spent thousands of dollars to attend self-development schools, courses and workshops, but we did not apply much of what we learnt. I asked myself, “How can we overcome this issue?” What if we can, simultaneously, have so much fun in the application of what we have learnt that we motivate and drive ourselves?

We all know that applying what we learn is hard work. To obtain successful outcomes from it is even harder work, like what the motivational speaker Zig Ziglar says: “The elevator to the top is out of order.” There is no substitute for hard work but we can make it fun. We can gamify hard work, which means we adapt the task to take on in the form of a game. We can create and turn games into exciting quests for learning, studying, planning, working, managing and living. In fact, we can gamify every aspect of our life and work into quests, particularly for difficult, dull, boring or mundane tasks.

Level 1 Quest: Gamify a task that you always avoid into a quest. For example, challenge yourself to get five appointments set up within 30 minutes. Add in a timeline to make it more exciting. Complete this quest by carrying it out in real life. Go for Level 2 only after you have successfully accomplished the quest.


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If you’ve ever dreamt of escaping to a new life, you’re definitely not the only one. You can create a game to turn your life around, and I called it the Game of Life – which consists of multiple quests in your life journey. Here, you are your own gaming hero with your own goals and your neighhourhood forms a part of the bigger gaming world. Win the game by achieving your goals and dreams through elevating your talent and skills.

Many people are afraid to make mistakes in life because they feel that they have something to lose; they have the fear of failure, uncertainty and rejection. With the mentality of game-play, you will not feel the stress of not doing well, because you can never really lose in the game. You can always restart if you fail to reach the goals. Eventually you will complete and win the game. The same goes in real life, you can always re-strategise and rework your goal again and again.

Live your life as if playing the Game of Life. Decide on your game hero, be clear on your purpose, choose your path, and elevate your skills to get you closer to your goals. At the next level, you will grasp the design of the game play – which is the core strategy in the Game of Life.

Level 2 Quest: Create a Game of Life quest by first identifying your goal, the deadline and relevant skills to ascend to a higher level. Once you have created the quest, proceed to the next level.


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The four stages of the Game of Life core strategy are namely: awareness, clarity, commitment and action. This cycle repeats till you win the game. After taking action, we become aware of the outcome from each action, and get to know more about ourselves. The more you apply it to your life, the more fun, and closer you get to your goal. Make it a habit to play with this core strategy in your quest every day.


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. – Aristotle


  • Awareness

First, self-awareness is important in every aspect of our life and essential in leading a successful and fulfilling life. Search inwardly and outwardly for clues to have a solid understanding about who you are, how you relate to other people and the world. Gather information that defines who you are, what are your talents, potential, strengths and weaknesses – what you really enjoy and dislike. If we are fully aware of ourselves and situations, we will make better decisions and take better actions.


  • Clarity

Mere awareness is not adequate. Clarity means searching deeper within you and finding congruency both inside and out. Are your words and actions congruent with who you really are, and what you really feel and think?


  • Commitment

Many people stumble here. They give up the moment they fail. No doubt, this is tough and daunting. We tend to associate commitment with struggle. Games will lessen the struggle or its worst effects, and transform the it into fun and enjoyment. In turn, commitment will be transformed into enjoyment and motivation.


  • Action

One of the most important lessons you can ever learn is this: Your life can only get better when you act. If you want your staff to be better, you must be a better manager. If you want to perform better at your work, you must have better skills. The next most important lesson for you is: You have to take massive action to see desired results. It is common knowledge to say that 20% of the desired results come from 80% of hard work. To get 40% of desired results, you simply have to put in 160% of hard work.


Level 3 Quest: Adopt the Game of Life core strategy into your quest for 5 consecutive days. It is alright if you are still at the Awareness phase. Well, at least you are doing it.


Amn Pek the founder of Game of Life Academy, which is devoted to providing entertaining education, and the published author of The Secret Code: Is It for Real?, a practical book that brings together the essence of games, art and stories to help people in their learning with a game-like levelling up approach. She is also a lecturer on multimedia, animation, social media design and new media communication at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Republic Polytechnic.


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