3 Local Brands Which Are Slaying It on Social Media

There are just over 3 billion active Internet users, of which, nearly 2.1 billion people have social media accounts. 

Jackie Yeo, founder of Amber Creative, Co-Founder of LadyBoss Asia, gives you insights on 3 local brands to follow on social media! 

You may have noticed international brands like Nike and General Electric amassing millions of followers on their Facebook and Instagram accounts and you brush them off because they’re huge, multi-national companies with humongous fan bases.

But have you been paying attention to home-grown brands that are excelling in the same way? Believe it or not, local brands are also making it big on social media.

According to a report by Hashmeta in 2015, 74% of Singaporeans use social media regularly – that’s almost 4 out of every 5 people on our sunny island!

The rise of social media has definitely shaped the way we absorb information as consumers. Imagine the endless possibilities that lie out there on social for brands!

Here are three home-grown brands that are dominating social media channels today. Their presence on the various social media platforms are strong and they make use of different methods to strengthen their following.

Holding contests on social media is another great way to promote the brand and/or its partners.

#1 Changi Airport Group

The forefront of Singapore’s tourism topping this list shouldn’t come as a surprise.

With a large following base on their three social media platforms, namely Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Changi Airport Group is consistent with their posts and updates.

The company posts different content on their channels and this attracts their audience to follow not just one but all of their accounts on social. Varying your marketing mix and playing around with content suited for specific platforms is the way to go!

Changi Airport Group plays around with posts that tug at heartstrings and attracts their audience through carefully curated photographs that represent the brand.

Holding contests on social media is another great way to promote the brand and/or its partners.

#2 The Editor’s Market

I bet many women are familiar with this one!

Have you seen the brand’s Instagram feed? If those gorgeous pictures don’t make you want to ‘add-to-cart’, I don’t know what will.

Editor’s Market only has accounts on Instagram and Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not dominating social.

You don’t have to be  everywhere in order to increase brand awareness. Always remember what your business target is and tailor your strategies accordingly.

The content on both platforms are largely similar but on its Facebook page, the brand promotes new arrivals and exclusive in-store products.

It’s always good to vary the content according to the different platforms because you want to give your audience a reason to follow you on more than one channel.

 You don’t want them to unfollow you because your content becomes spam to them!

#3 Love Bonito

Here’s another brand that is constant on their social media platforms.

With a frequency of posting almost every day, Love Bonito carefully selects the content to be posted on their channels.

Don’t overwhelm your audience with posts. You don’t want them to unfollow you because your content becomes spam to them!

Love Bonito has also embarked on a #LBempowers campaign as founder Rachel Lim believes they are in a great position to empower women confidence with style. 

You’ve got a great Facebook page, gorgeous Instagram feed and an active Twitter account running.

Everything seems perfect and you’re probably also slaying social… What else are you lacking?

Here’s a hint: Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users all over the world!

You may not be targeting the Millienials (most active on Snapchat) but hey, don’t all kids grow up?

We’ve yet to see any local brands dominating in the Snapchat sphere but it’s probably time for you to make the first move!

This article was originally published on Amber Creative.

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