3 Steps to RESNAP and Reset for Entrepreneurs

women thinking
women thinking

You’re stuck.

We’ve all been there. You thought this was only going to last a few weeks, but every time you feel like it’s leaving, it sucks you back in. The eagerness and excitement that begun this journey is fading. Sparks of joy fizzle.

And the worse thing – you can’t pinpoint why.

Nothing major in your routine has changed – You still exercise, you watch your diet, you have friends, but something isn’t right. Your productivity is suffering. Even for the successful lady bosses who build their businesses and careers based on Passion to Action core pillars such as:

Strength: What they naturally excel at

Mission: What they feel that they’re being called to do, that benefits a greater and larger purpose

Passion: And what they Love to do

They, face funks too…

Entrepreneurial Funk: a hindering mixture of emotions including stress, anxiety, loneliness and overwhelm

It’s time to wake up, no more hitting the snooze button. Your resilience as an entrepreneur is precisely what will hold you back.

Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index states that 34% of Entrepreneurs reported feeling ‘worry’ with 45% stressed, both these indices higher than non-entrepreneurs. Research on Entrepreneurs show that Sales is the number one stressor in the early stages of an entrepreneur’s life.

  So, how to you move from stuckness, discouragement, negativity and scarcity to a place of Possibility and Empowerment?

  Knowing what tools are at your disposal can allow you to instantly jump out of funk mode into a more resourceful state. Here are 3 pracitcal steps to resnap.


“I’m already acknowledging it, that’s why we are working on it!” My clients often exclaim in frustration when we walk through this stage.

  The small problem is that people think by simply identifying ‘I’m stuck’, you’re actually acknowledging it. True processing of emotion means that it is resolved and it does not return at the force again. The small solution begins when you fearlessly allow yourself to deeply feel the full intensity of this stuckness and funk.

“I don’t want to perpetuate it!” You may protest.That’s why we only give 5-10 minutes of fully feeling every ugly face of this emotion. Whatever it is, fully express it out. Holding in an emotion actually requires more energy than letting it out.This is outside the comfort zone for many high achievers – face it. It will make you stronger.

  Whether it is powerful C-suite clients feeling fully vulnerable, or housewives fully releasing anger or entrepreneurs fully facing rejection and failure fears, fearless acknowledgement allows clarity, relief, and calmness.

One mistake to avoid is doing this halfway and not committing 100%. Doing this halfway, processes your funk – just that – halfway. How do you know you’re done? When the funk lifts from your physical body. “I feel lighter” Is a very common response.


You’ve acknowledged your emotions, tried to exercise and get your body moving, yet you wake up still feeling unenergized and empty. The emotion is gone, but you’re feeling empty.

  A small solution is to identify WHERE and HOW you would feel. Energy flows where attention goes. Put your attention on visualizing your ultimate outcome.

  Visualizing a compelling outcome is proven to work most notably in sports – Psychology Today reported that the patterns activated when a weightlifter lifted heavy weights were activated similarly when they simply imagined lifting, another study published in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, found that imagining weight lifting caused actual changes in muscle activity.


Who are you serving that’s bigger than you? What is the REAL purpose you’re on this journey? Visualize the completion of that outcome, vividly. Live it, NOW. Once you reconnect who else beyond yourself you’re bringing value to, only then come back down into specifics.


Visualize your compelling outcome engaging every one of your senses.

Example for a next sales meeting:

Put yourself fully and vividly into this visualization process.

Imagine yourself in your next client meeting, and you’re to close a $20,000 deal.

  1. What does the room look like?

  2. How do you feel powerful?

  3. What are you saying to yourself?

  4. What specifically do you feel as you’re at the top of your game?

  5. What are your clients saying?

  6. Where to they sign?

You can find out more on creating effective outcomes and visualizations by requesting your step-by-step visualization worksheet via messages on our facebook page.


Once you have your powerful visualization in your mind and body, you’ve brought that person to life. There’s a small problem: That person is still in the future.

The solution: Snap your fingers, say “RESNAP!” and merge them!

Today, right now, right here. Visually and kinesthetically combine the two. Trust your unconscious mind that you can do this. Act as if you’re the future you.

Enjoy that confidence, that power, and the amazing person you become. Remember this moment and store this experience and feeling with the SNAP of your fingers.

My clients all over the world use these principles.

It has made a difference in resolving funks and as far as getting people comfortable on stage, get past procrastination and in high pressure environments for the first time.

Try it. Tell us how it worked.

Entrepreneurial funk happens. Getting out of it takes the courage to acknowledge your feelings fully, envisioning your compelling outcome, and trusting yourself to merge those emotions together.

Emotion generates motion (Tony Robbins), which in turn brings progress, action, momentum, growth and fulfillment.

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