4 Characteristics You Need to Survive in Business

Do you have what it takes to survive in business?

To succeed in today’s competitive landscape, entrepreneurs need to be more adaptable, resilient, agile and customer-focused.

The market has evolved tremendously and the selling environment has become more complex and competitive. Entrepreneurs need to react swiftly to changing market conditions and trends by adding value to your customer’s business for providing solution selling to your customers

Additionally, the internet has changed the business landscape massively and beyond new opportunities and challenges are emerging. Social Media has allowed people to connect with like- minded individual around the world. E-commerce allows consumer to sell products to a global market place.

An entrepreneur needs certain attributes to survive in the rough and tough world of business.

There is no “one size, fits all” theory for entrepreneurship, however you can apply PULL in order to stay in the games for long haul.

1) Perseverance

Perseverance is the major factor to succeed in any business. Entrepreneurs need a big doses of passion, patience and positive attitude to keep your business going and growing. Businesses are bound to face occasional setbacks or adverse situations like recession and manpower issues.

These problems will inevitably crop up, you have to believe in yourself together with resilience to pick yourself up and stick your guns to stay on the course. Entrepreneurs need to know “Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do”!

2) Uniqueness

An entrepreneur with means can own a business but not everyone will make a success of it. It is those with the unique qualities of being able to please their customers, employees and business associates who will the pleasure of the sweet success.

Every entrepreneur knows that unique selling proposition is what your business stand for and help your business to succeed. It is what sets your business apart from other because of your business uniqueness.

3) Learning

The ability to learn is one of the most important skills in entrepreneurship to keep abreast of the competition and expand the market share. The ups and downs an entrepreneurs goes through are unavoidable.

Update and upgrade yourself in the field of your business to enhance your competitive edge. Social media knowledge is especially essential to help your business build a strong online presence to generate extra revenue.

4) Leverage

Many entrepreneurs have one similar problem – lack of liquidity. There are many ways to leverage free resources to promote your business and sell more products.

As a rule of thumb, always determine what matters most to your customer and position yourself as the expert in the field who can offer your expertise to them.

While social media captures a lot attention, do not neglect Word Of Mouth marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest offer unparalleled ways to reach your existing and potential customers.

When you are writing blog, remember to include links to your other social media contacts to widen your brand exposure.

In summary, entrepreneurs need to focus on their customers.  They also need to provide innovative, creative, and unique ideas to ensure long-term customer loyalty.

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