5 Fashion Hacks that will Keep You Comfortable on Long Flights for Travelling LadyBosses

SoulScape gives you five simple fashion hacks, and you can have total comfort on long flights, while staying fashionable. Find out what they are now.

We all have a different threshold on what is considered a long flight. For some, six hours in a plane is their threshold, while for others, it is not considered long until it shoots past 16 hours. Regardless, spending such an extended period of time in a plane, possibly sitting in a tight space with way-too-cold air conditioning can affect our comfort level, and in turn our sanity. However, the right clothes can tremendously improve things. These few comfortable, and fashionably safe, tips will see you through any flight, be it one or 20 hours.

#1: Fit

Besides being in a small seat with little legroom, you could also possibly be wrestling for arm space with your neighbour. Adding another level of discomfort with tight fitting clothes does not really make sense. While figure hugging OOTD’s are great for flattering your figure, a long flight is not exactly a fashion parade. When it comes down to it, donning loose clothes will give you a better flying experience. Added comfort is achieved by wearing a bra without wires. Trust us, being able to feel free and unrestricted is a luxury you will appreciate when you are sitting for more hours than you would at the office.

#2: Fabric 

No one wants to look frazzled or unkempt after landing, especially if you are meeting friends and family, and your choice of fabric can become a game changer. You can find comfort with cotton or polyester, but if you want to play it real safe in the looks department, try roomy knits. Wrinkled clothes are a massive giveaway that your aesthetic maintenance has taken a backseat, and roomy knits eliminate that completely. Not to mention the material’s ability to provide warmth on the plane, while allowing skin to breath.


#3: Footwear

Size and fabric does not quite apply with footwear, but that does not mean we cannot be tactical about it. Flip-flops are possible, but ballerina flats are a full proof fail-safe alternative that is stylish yet equally easy to remove and put on. Bringing a pair of socks on board is never a bad thing, especially since our toes are the first parts of the body that become cold—try heat-retentive materials like wool to ensure warmth. Do not make the fashion faux pas of wearing wool socks and flats together—use the socks during your flight and switch back to flats just before stepping off the plane.

#4: Scarf

A scarf is more than just a pretty accessory. It can also be transformed into a neck warmer, a head cover, or as a blanket. This is an asset that is both fashionable and practical for long flights to cooler climes.

#5: Colour

Turbulence might happen unexpectedly, and if it is when you are having your meal, things can get messy really quickly. Wearing dark colours help hide glaring stains, and dark colours also hide creases well.

There is no need to sacrifice looks for comfort or vice versa when on a long flight. With these simple fashion hacks, you can travel in both style and comfort any time.

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