5 Heart-Warming Christmas Ads To Get You In The Festive Mood

Christmas is around the corner and the mood is festive. Holidays are about to start and there is joy everywhere.

Companies are busy gearing up to this merriment with their special Christmas sales. Amongst all the flood of Christmas advertisements, a few have stood out striking a chord with the customers. We are happy to present to you our all time favorites.

1. Be with family

No celebration is complete if your near and dear ones are not with you. Meet this determined robin – the star of Waitrose’s Christmas advertisement 2016, who travels half-way across the globe to be with his family. This advertisement tells the story of a young Scandinavian robin’s migration and perilous journey across mountains and seas battling terrible weather to make it back home to be with his family. A young girl has prepared for his arrival by leaving a mince pie out on the bird table.

The little girl is delighted with the robin’s arrival and so is his family. This advertisement clearly nudges at our heartstrings with this warm story of the spirit of togetherness in this festive season and the joy of homecoming.

2. Christmas is for sharing

Christmas brings out the spirit of giving, of sharing and of spreading joy. The Online retail giant Very has captured this sentiment in its latest Christmas advertisement.

This delightful animation video is almost like a scene out of Disney’s Frozen. A woman heads home after work on Christmas Eve and is determined to spread joy along the way. She surprises unsuspecting people with gifts and spreads cheer along with her way home and energizing the random passers-by with the power of giving. She even hands out a gift to Santa Clause recognizing his untiring effort to keep up the spirit of Christmas for years on end. This touching advertisement ends with the woman herself receiving a gift.

3. Reach out, spread love

Though this Sainsbury’s Christmas advertisement of 2014 has had some raised eyebrow reaction due to the very sensitive nature of depicting its central theme which is World War 1.If one were to look purely from the point of view of depicting Christmas and the spirit of it we rank it high.

This advertisement clearly portrays that war is a game played by politicians. In this commercial, a British soldier hears German troops singing ‘Silent Night’ and he very cautiously and nervously ventures into no man’s land. It is not long before that other soldier too joins him and very soon both sides play a game of football. Towards the end when duty calls, the soldiers part ways, the British soldier secretly slips a gift into his German counterpart’s pocket – a chocolate bar. This is one advertisement that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

4. Make someone’s wish come true

To make someone’s wish come true can give a great sense of fulfillment. That is what Christmas is all about – to make someone feel special, loved and cared for. That is exactly what this touching advertisement from Macy’s is based on. A young girl discovers a magic pen that grants wishes to others.

However one cannot wish for oneself with this pen. She then wishes for joy and happiness for the people in her town – one wish at a time. Christmas morning arrives and she and her brother are opening gifts. She looks a tad bit disappointed at her gift but her brother had wished for his sister’s wish to be fulfilled. She is delighted with the gift that she wanted all along – an adorable puppy. This is a beautiful advertisement depicting of the true spirit of Christmas- the joy of giving.

5. Joy to the world

This Glade advertisement leaves one teary eyed as we watch this commercial. Shot in a neighborhood primarily showing two families that live opposite each other, we can see the contrast between the two. One is a young happy couple whose life is filled with togetherness and warmth the other a lonely old man who has lost the love of his life.

The old man does not seem eager enough to celebrate Christmas and is seen driving away on some errand. The young sensitive lady senses this and tries to brighten up his mood by secretly decorating his home with fairy lights. When the old man returns he is teary eyed and is heartened by this simple gesture. Christmas is all about spreading joy to the world.

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

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