5 Must Have Gmail Plugins For Better Emails

Linkedin Rapportive
Linkedin Rapportive

Google Mail (Gmail) is really powerful and has tons of features, making it a great business application. The most powerful aspect of gmail though is to make use of hundreds of plugins, many of them which are free to add features. Here’s our list of the top 5 must have Gmail plugins to supercharge your email.


This is the number one plugin you should have for business email. LinkedIn is the primary social media for business connections and they introduced Rapportive (picture above) to bring the LinkedIn profile details straight to your gmail so you can see the person’s profile, position, picture easily on the right hand side of the Inbox.



Do you deal with clients from different timezones or do you like to compose emails at night just to send them in the morning? Boomerang is a great plugin to schedule your emails and set email reminders. For example, if you have emails that you want to revisit a week later but don’t want it to pile up? Boomerang them and they pop right back in your inbox a week later.



Todoist for Gmail

Do you have emails that need to be turned into tasks? Todoist Gmail allows you to combine the simple, powerful task list with Gmail by just one click sending the email into Todoist task list.

todoist gmail


Emails are one of the most important form of communications you can have with your clients and users. What if you could market every time they receive an email from you? WiseStamp allows you to add a media rich, dynamic signature easily to every email. Not only can you add your standard contact, social media information, you can also add the latest tweet, pictures from instagram, linkedin updates, latest youtube video etc.



One of the most powerful tools to have with Gmail is Mailbird. It’s been ranked as the Best Windows Email Client by IT World for 2 years consecutively. The strength of Mailbird is not just in the powerful yet intuitive interface, but the ability to integrate with just about every app out there, such as WhatsApp, social media, productivity tools and more. It functions as your all in one business tool allowing you to address most issues without ever having to leave Mailbird.



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