5 Simple Ways to Make Your Time More Productive

Do you always wish that you have more time to do all things you need to do for your business? Business women often complain of never being able to complete all their tasks on top of spending time with their family. While you cannot create more time, you can be more productive with your time. Here are 5 ways that I found to be extremely useful for making your time more productive

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1.  Plan a To-Do List For The Day

How do you ensure that everything you need to for the day gets done? Write it down in a to do list and tackle it one at a time. As you cross off items, you will feel pretty good about making progress. You should also pace yourself and check the list periodically to gauge if you have sufficient time for the day to complete the rest of the items.

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2. Start Early

Many successful business owners are often early risers. They wake up at 5-6am, go for a morning workout and are in office by 7 or 8am, way before any of their employees come in. Being in the office earlier than everybody allows them to clear out tasks quickly before they get bogged down by appointments and meetings.

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3. Get Fit

It is extremely helpful to keep your body in a fit condition if you want to do well in your business. People who exercise regularly find that they are able to better focus at work and become more productive. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun too! So go out and find the activity that floats your boat, be it dancing, aerobics, yoga, going to the gym etc.

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4. Be Absolutely Stingy With Your Time

The best business owners are extremely stingy with their time. If there’s one resource that’s the most important, it’s your time. If you feel that there is nothing beneficial that you can gain from a meeting, just say NO to the appointment. It is better to spend your time focusing on other things that matter as opposed to sitting through a meeting which you can’t wait to get out of.

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5. Take Time Off

There is nothing worse that you can do to your productivity than getting burned out. Oh yeah, burn out is very real. Nobody can be working full 7 days a week non stop without breaking down physically, mentally and emotionally. If you find yourself constantly exhausted and not being able to think of new ideas, take a break to do absolutely nothing. You will come back to work, feeling recharged and possibly with new ideas to take your business further.


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