5 Singapore Female Bosses Share Advice on Achieving Goals

We let five Singaporean female bosses share their thoughts on how they reach their goals and show who’s boss!

Five amazing women who are the bosses of their own companies—soon to be empires!—spills the beans on what achievement means for them, and what advice they would give to others to achieve their goals.

Shan Shan Yap; founder of An Uplifted Day, an online shop retailing curated items that uplift your daily life

“Achievement means working towards and achieving goals based on what you honestly desire for yourself, and how you personally wish to serve the world.

‘Fully knowing and tracking your numbers right from the start—each P&L line item, cash flow forecasts, budgeting, conversion rates, customer acquisitions costs etc.—will give you more confidence and enable you to make better decisions. Don’t shy back or leave it for later because you’re not familiar with them—get help and advice from someone who is familiar.”

Roslyn Teng; co-founder of Made Real, a healthy snack subscription service

Roslyn (R) with Made Real co-founder Robin

“(For me, achievement) means putting in 100% for the goals you set for yourself, the way you live your life, and the change you want to see in this world.

If something is important enough to you, don’t take no for an answer when negotiating. Keep finding ways to make a win-win situation for both parties.”

Jessica Felicia; co-founder of Barre 2 Barre, a studio that teaches the BarreAmped method

“Achievement means reaching a target that I had set and am proud of. I continually set both short and long term goals for myself. These are continually reassessed and changing—once I take a step and reach a new ‘level’ or hit a goal, it leads to to a new set of challenges and goals to be set.

My advice would be to take one step at a time, which will help your self confidence and trust. When I moved to Singapore, my first goal was to graduate with an MBA at INSEAD. After I took that step, I gained some confidence, which enabled me to give up a steady corporate job, and pursue my dream and reality of being an entrepreneur.”

Ange Ong; founder of ANGE dans fit dance fitness programmes


“Achievement is an infinite, ongoing metamorphosis of who we are and how we choose to lead our lives. They cannot be measured as they continue to evolve and expand. Although society recognises milestones such as good grades, excelling in sports and achieving KPIs, it’s the unseen and intangible achievements that matter most… such as the ongoing perseverance despite difficult circumstances, and being a reliable, compassionate, giving and genuine human being.

At the end of the day, the attention and accolades will fade away with time, and what’s left and what’s important is really the learning experiences, the growth, and understanding towards our personal evolution. So let’s cherish the intangible and more importantly, celebrate the achievements of our loved ones and the people around us to lead a more accomplished and fulfilling life.

Pursue your Dreams, do what you Love and be an Inspiration to others as Life is too short to be Average.”

Daphne Tan; founder of Candles of Light

“Achievement to me means being able to create and live the type of life I want.

The one piece of advice I have  for solo female bosses is to find a support network. It gets lonely if you’re a one-man show, and having a tribe can really help pull you through. Secondly, don’t give up because every single bit counts. The one big thing or the many small things you do every day might not seem like much at face value, but when accumulated, it contributes to your end goal. So keep chugging on!”

This article was originally published on Soulscape.

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