5 Things I Learnt From Running The LadyBoss Event

5 Lessons I Learnt From Running The LadyBoss Event
5 Lessons I Learnt From Running The LadyBoss Event

We recently ran our LadyBoss launch event, which received overwhelming response. We were able to fill up the venue to the brim and our turn up rate from rsvp list was over 80%, which is really high for a free event. Other than feeling a bit warm, the ambience was great and everybody had a great time getting to know each other.

We have received quite a number of compliments and so many people have actually asked me “how did we do this?” So I decided to write this article with my thoughts and what I learnt from putting together the event.

1. Be personal in your invitations

Yes, these days it’s pretty quick and simple to create Facebook events and just invite all your friends. However, Facebook events are notorious in having low turn out rates. With some events having less than 50% turn out. It’s really bad when you have 100 rsvps and then less than 50 people show up. Instead, we decided to do it the old fashion way and personally invite every participant. Tell them why you are inviting them and why they should be there for your event. Make them feel special and the chances of them showing up becomes much higher.

Just a quick tip, if you are too busy or lazy to do it yourself and you get your virtual assistant to do it, at least familiarise yourself with the people who will be coming. I have had an event which I received a personal invitation from the organiser but when I show up, he had no idea who I was and even mentioned that it was his assistant who sent me the invite. Guess what? I am probably not going to attend another event by him.

2. Have an awesome team

This cannot be stressed enough. An event is tough work and there are so many moving parts that need to handled well for an event to proceed smoothly. It is critical to have a strong team handling the event and make sure you have all the essential roles and responsibilities covered both before, during and after the event. For LadyBoss, we are very fortunate to have a solid crew of people that can take care of pretty much every aspect. Few things you have to consider are

  • Inviting the guests
  • Reaching out to sponsors if any
  • Ensuring logistics and suppliers are there on time
  • Have a photographer/videographer on site, you definitely want to have some nice pictures to show off your successful event
  • People to invite and usher the guests
  • Having an emcee
  • Have core team members who can represent you roam around and entertain/connect with guests especially if there are too many for one person to handle

3. Reach out early and send reminders

Reach out early and that means months before if you can afford it. Mentally prepare the key guests for your event by telling them about it early. After sending out invites, you can also send out messages to them to inform them to rsvp. A week before the event, follow up with a reminder as many people might have forgotten if they rsvped a month ago. Finally, a final reminder on the day before with directions on how to get there will help those last minute schedulers.

4. Double check everything on the day itself

So the day of the event is here and no you don’t get to rest. It’s the critical moment to ensure that the venue is well prepared and ready for your guests. Confirm with the suppliers on the time they are arriving and the length of time it takes to setup. Make sure your entire team is dressed for the occasion and dressed to impress if necessary.

5. Be there early and expect early arrivals

Some people feel that as the host, they are the most important person and they can just show up later in the event like a very important person. However, that’s not really the case for most events unless you are some rock star. Even then, it’s rude to invite people and not be there when they arrive. At our event, we have people showing up 45 minutes even before the start and it’s a great time to carry a conversation.

Yes, it’s hard work to ensure the success of an event, but the rewards are more than worth it. We will be holding our next LadyBoss event in March, so stay tuned!

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