5 Things You Have to Know Before You Run Your Next Event

Running events can be extremely stressful, especially if you are not able to achieve your desired number of participants. We had a chance to hear from Sharon Neo of Digital Influence Labs on how to use digital marketing to boost your event and here are 5 things you NEED to know before you run your next event.

1. The Angle of Your Event

Different people come to event for various reasons and the more angles you have, the more likely you will attract a larger crowd. A typical event consists of one or more of the following elements.

Networking – People generally like to meet other like minded people as it gives them a chance to discuss and share about their interests and experiences. Especially for business networking, many partnerships are formed on networking events.

Speakers – Credibility of the speakers add to the credibility of the events, not to mention that they can draw their own followers to your event too.

Content – Having actual, usable content being shared rather than just a sales pitch, not only attracts people but helps you to market follow up events.

2. Boosting Event Registrations

Marketing the event is extremely important and digital marketing is good way to achieve that. Sharon shared about how she used Facebook marketing to drive signups for her Digital Marketing Summit. As with most digital marketing campaigns, it’s a matter of trial and error to see which advertisement type gives you the best bang for buck. Key thing here is to have a structured methodology for measuring and testing it. Facebook does offer a pretty strong suite of advertisement management tools and is relatively easy to setup as compared to others like Google Adwords.

3. Creating The Experience of the Event

Other than learning type events, there are other type of events where people go mainly for the experience. It could be a sports related event, entertainment or fashion related. That’s where creating the right experience matters. Is the experience one of adrenaline rush like the recent Spartan Race? Or a calm and relaxed one like a yoga retreat? Careful attention to details such as lighting, music, location can make a world of difference creating the right experience.

4. Post Event Marketing

What happens after the event? Thank the participants for coming with post event marketing! Put up pictures of the event, people having fun and more will help to create a memorable experience for them and helps to path the way for the next event.

5. Lead Generation for Next Event

Now that the event is over, it’s time to start thinking about the next event. Keep the participants updated about the next event and continuously engage them even if the next event is a year away. As a standard business mantra goes “It’s easier to get retain existing customers than to acquire new customers”

Get all these 5 things right and you will be well on your to becoming an events guru.

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