5 Witty Job Listings Examples That Could Get You Your Dream Employee

It’s not about capturing an employee’s attention – it’s about winning their hearts and minds.

An exceptional employee is an asset – an asset who cares about your company’s vision, work their fingers to the bone and catapult your business to the level your competitors can only dream of.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to win over these trailblazers. How do you attract them in the first place? You create an irresistible ad – you need to craft an ad that will make them pause and go, “Holy smokes, this is it.”

It’s possible and we’re going to walk you through it. Take a beat from these following companies to get inspired and you’ll be reading the resume of your star employee in no time.

#1 Fast and snappy

Image credit: Culturepush Job Board 

This type of ad, usually seen in the creative field, is the true definition of the phrase, “Short and sweet”.

Advertising agency WILD has managed to caress our curiosity by cutting to the chase in 30 words, no less. It goes without saying that sometimes, an unconventional style is the way to go.

However be careful, as this strategy could backfire. If your company falls into a different category, say a military and protective services industry, an ad like this would be plain odd – your company could lose credibility.

If so, skip this and consider the remaining four ads.

Employees nowadays – especially millennials – have higher expectations in their career.

#2 Dazzle with perks and benefits 

Image credit: Buffer 

This ad had you at “Retreats” and “Free Books (and Kindle)”.

Employees nowadays – especially millennials – have higher expectations in their career. Companies must constantly be on their toes, brainstorming for ways to make them stay.

Do you offer medical benefits or travel allowances? Put them in your ad as specific perks attract specific candidates. If your company funds professional training, you’re going to receive CVs from candidates who value self-improvement.

If this is what you want in a dream employee, you’re on the right track.

#3 Sprinkle pop culture references 

Image credit: Glints

Pokémon Go is a worldwide gaming phenomenon. Head out of the house and you’ll spot kids, middle-aged folks, and elderlies glued to their phones, determined to be the Pokémon Master no one ever was.

It was a smart move on Glints’ part to reference the viral game in one of their job listing ads. The hashtag #ichooseyou also acts as a megaphone in today’s internet age.

No doubt did it spread the word on social media – we reckon it had no problem attracting a phenomenal bunch of candidates!

Look at the tone and language of your ad.

#4 Warm up your brand voice

Image credit: Crew

How strange would it be if a medical company uses the word “amazeballs” in their ad? Similarly, a creative agency that uses dull jargons would be just as weird.

Crew’s job ads work for myriad reasons. They’re comprehensive and witty (“This role is like an account director on steroids.”). More importantly, they hit their brand voice right on the mark.

Look at the tone and language of your ad. Does it sound like your company?

Your dream employee wants to be part of something spectacular. Show it.

#5 Humblebrag

Image credit: TED

TED does a wonderful job at using high-impact words to draw our attention. With words like “critically acclaimed”, “award-winning”, and “best of breed”, TED paints their company in a compelling light without sounding haughty.

It’d be a pity to leave your company’s accomplishments out of the job ad. Be proud of how far you’ve come. Be seen. Your dream employee wants to be part of something spectacular. Show it.

Before you know it, you guys are going to be working together and jazzing up the world.

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