6 Tips to Easy Skincare and Staying Beautiful For Busy Women

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While women entrepreneurs are always on the go and short of time, we should not neglect skincare as it is the foundation of beauty for every woman. LadyBoss speaks to Dr Chiam of Face, Body & Skin (FBS) Aesthetics Medical Centre to learn what busy women can do to stay on top of their skincare.


What are the essential routines to healthy skin for our busy LadyBosses?

Daily skincare is the single most important factor to looking good and staying young. It is not uncommon for ladies to have a whole closet full of skincare products. Creams and lotions from different brands recommended by friends, family and advertisements. They often do not know what each product does for their skin and when and in what order they should be used. A skincare regime need not be complicated, as long as we know what each product does. Get a product that fulfils each purpose, and only change one product at a time if you come across a new product you may want to try out.

My recommended routine to my patients is as follows:

Essential skincare regime:

  • Morning
  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturising
  • Sunblock
  • Evening
  • Vitamin C/Antioxidant/ repair serum
  • Night
  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Vit A derivative/ Retinol
  • Moisturise/ night cream

In addition to skin care, managing the other factors that will affect the skin and accelerate skin aging is equally important. This includes getting adequate sleep, managing stress, maintaining a balanced diet and having good hydration by drinking enough water.


What methods are available to combat skin aging and stress related conditions?

As we age, a few things happen to our skin, and for each aspect of skin aging there are a few ways to combat and slow the effects of aging.


1) Loss of elasticity – manifesting as saggy skin and wrinkles. This can be treated by:

– Daily skincare to retard the loss of elasticity. Good moisturising and skin repair products such as serums. This should be combined with good dietary and lifestyle habits.

– Non invasive methods: lasers, Radiofrequency/ultrasound devices, chemical peels

– Injectables like Botox, which help to smoothen out wrinkles caused by muscle activity (dynamic wrinkles). Examples include frown lines and crow’s feet. Hyaluronic acid injections also help to increase skin hydration and improve elasticity.

– Minimally invasive treatments like threadlifts help to physically lift the skin as well as stimulate collagen production to restore skin elasticity.


2) Loss of subcutaneous fat. This results in features becoming less defined, loss of volume in the face and worsens the effect of sagging as a result of loss of elasticity. There are a few treatments available to combat this, such as:

– Fillers to replace lost volume

– Threadlifts to lift and stimulate collagen production in the skin


3) Pigmentation occurs as a result of combined effects of sun damage as well as hormonal influences. There are many treatments now available for pigmentations, including:

– Skincare products such as whitening creams. These are useful to a certain extent

– Chemical peels help to increase skin cell turnover and encourage clearance of skin debris such as pigments. However, chemical peels need to be done carefully as peels that are too strong can actually worsen pigmentation.

– Laser treatment are getting increasingly popular. Modern lasers have minimal downtime and can effectively treat and lighten pigmentations. Laser treatment in Singapore can only be performed by a licenced medical practitioner.

Yellow Light Laser
Quadroprostar Proyellow Laser


What are the new technologies available to help our LadyBosses look their best?

increasingly there are more and more treatments available that involve less downtime for patients. These are suitable for the busy, working patients who cannot afford to have major downtime after a procedure.

Laser skin rejuvenation is more and more common these days. This helps to cleanse the skin deeply, even skin tone and also has effects on pore size and acne control. Our centre is the first centre in Singapore to use the Quadrostar Proyellow laser, which helps with rejuvenation, pigments as well as reducing sensitivity and redness of the skin. The carbon laser peel is also one of our most popular treatments. This is a minimal downtime procedure that helps remove dead skin, rejuvenation as well as acne control.

Noninvasive skin tightening devices such as radiofrequency as well as High Intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) are also increasingly popular. These help to stimulate collagen production in the skin and increases skin elasticity.

Threadlift technology has come a long way since the 1990s. It is a minimally invasive procedure that has minimal downtime. Many patients prefer this treatment to surgical facelifts as the effects are natural, lasts up to 2 years and causes minimal inconvenience to the patient.


What is one product you would recommend our readers buy (over the counter)

One of my favourite over the counter moisturisers is Eucerin Aquaporin Active. This is a light moisturising cream for the face that is non greasy and doesn’t clog pores, yet gives very fast and long lasting hydration effects. Aquaporins are small transport channels that insert into the cell membranes to increase transport of water across the membranes.

This product does not contain sunblock and you should still use a proper sunblock after applying this moisturiser.


Recommendation for sunblock

The Cetaphil range of products has always been known to be gentle on the skin and non-comedogenic, and that is why their sunblock (Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defence) is increasingly popular amongst people with sensitive or acne-prone skin. This is available at most pharmacies.


How to minimise pores

Pores become enlarged as a result of a few factors. First, clogging of pores with cell debris and pore secretions such as sweat and sebum. Second, loss of elasticity resulting in reduced ability of pores to “bounce back” after being unblocked. Third would be heat and humidity. Non modifiable factors include genetics and hormonal influences.

Therefore knowing these factors, simple measures we can take to have the best chance of minimising our pores would be:

– Ensure good cleansing of the skin to prevent clogged pores. This includes thorough daily cleansing as well as avoidance of products that may clog the pores. Minimising make-up will help to reduce the chances of the pores getting clogged.

– Adequate hydration of the skin to maintain elasticity. Use a non-comedogenic moisturiser that does not block the pores.

– Avoidance of excessive sun exposure and humidity

Of course there are also treatments that your physician can offer to help you with minimising pores:

– Chemical peels help minimise pores by exfoliating the skin, removal of cell debris and reduction of oil secretion. They also help with stimulating collagen production and maintaining skin elasticity

– Laser treatments help with deep cleansing of the skin as well as reduction of oil production. Resrfacing lasers help with increasing collagen production of the skin, in sodoing increasing the elasticity of the skin.

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