6 Ways to Sweat it out during the Weekend

6 ways to burn ya beast

After a busy and stressful work week, working out may well be last thing on your mind to do for the weekend. Who doesn’t prefer sinking into your couch than sweating it out? After all, you’ve been hustling for five days!  There’s plenty of ways to get your heart rate pumping. We’ve compiled 6 ways you can stay active over the weekends without making a trip to the fitness centres . My tip? Start slow and amplify efforts gradually.


1) Take a night jog around the neighbourhood

There’s not a lot of fuss required to get up and jog. Workout routines and trends come and go, but jogging is still among the most popular cardiovascular exercises out there. On hot or rainy days, you can jog on a treadmill, but nothing beats the feeling of jogging outdoors. The cold wind coupled with the smell of damp leaves are sure to rejuvenate your senses. Plug into your favourite music and take a jog down the coastal tracks nearest to your residence.


2) Sign up for a beginner’s yoga classes

The stillness and focus of yoga poses, keeps both your body and mind in tune with one another. Yoga is a holistic exercise which aims to integrate the mind, body, and spirit with the ultimate goal of achieving enlightenment and spiritual serenity. If you wish to clear your mind and find your centre to shake off negative energies from days passed, this is a perfect choice for a weekend workout.


3) Learn and dance Zumba at home

A fun, aerobic exercise that guarantees lots of physical movements is dancing. Exercising doesn’t have to be torturous. Fitness centres all over Singapore offer dances classes and aerobic exercises for fitness buffs interested in rhythmic movements. Alternatively, you can form a fitness group and hire a dance instructor for weekly lessons on variety of dance. Not only are you staying active, you are also learning a skill. Pro Tip: Zumba and Aerobic Dance apps like Zumba Fitness, Viva Fitness and Zumba Dance are a good way to try out before you commit yourself to signing up for legitimate dancing lessons!


4) Explore hiking trails across the causeway

If you’re the adventurous kind and looking to break the monotony of Singapore’s city life, recharge with a hike at Johor Bahru’s captivating hillsides. Drive up to Gunung Pulai with your partner or friends for an exciting hike up the mountain that is home to a diversity of beautiful flora and fauna. Just don’t fall victim to the lures of the tantalizing food nearby the area! Other scenic mountains to trek in Johor would be Gunung Arong in Mersing and Mount Ophir. An hour of trekking can burn 500 to 600 calories depending on your body size, the steepness of the trail, and the weight of your pack. More than burning calories, just being closer to nature is already therapeutic.


5) Make cycling a habit and hobby

Good new for cycling enthusiasts! National Parks Board has recently announced that the Coastal Adventure Corridor is slated to open be developed by the end of 2016. The scenic tracks starts from Rower’s Bay at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park along the coast of Sengkang, Punggol, Pasir Ris, Changi and East Coast Park all the way to the coasts of Gardens by the Bay East. Now that’s a lot of cycling. Presently, explore the nearest park and check out park connector routes to further your cycling adventures. For the amatuer cyclists, develop a fortnightly plan to rent a bicycle to cycle by the shores of our coastal waters at West Coast Park, East Coast Park or perhaps Coney Island. You can even invest in hipster bicycles to motivate yourself to cycle during the weekends.


6) Just keep walking

Walk everywhere. Completing errands like walking to the nearest market to purchase flowers instead of ordering from an online florist could mark a change in your exercising habits.  Weekends are usually not hectic, if you’re the type who leaves work in the office. Hence, walking is a great way to get yourself acquainted with the city that you may often take for granted due to the frenetic pace of the work week. Exploring the city on foot makes you more connected to the community and the urban landscape. Who knows, you might just find hidden hideouts along the way?


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