7 Reasons Why an About Page is The Most Important

About Us Page
About Us Page

Do you have an about page on your website? If you don’t then you should have one built right now! Here are 7 facts why it is so important and you should put more effort into it.

Reason #1: Your ABOUT page is one of the most visited pages on your site

People like to find out who is the voice behind the site, and who they are communicating with.

Reason #2: Your ABOUT page captures your reader’s attention

Clients who view the ABOUT page convert at a rate 30% higher than clients who do not see it.  So, your story has to be compelling and speaks to them. It has to have a hook.

Reason #3: The ABOUT page is not about you

It is supposed to seem like it is about you, but in fact it is all about your client; how are you going to help them, who is your site for.

Reason #4: A photo is essential

Yes, putting a face to the name is important, even if you have a unique name. People like to see who they are hiring.

Reason #5: The writing has to be engaging for readers to… yup, stay engaged!

Would you stay and read a 1,000 word essay about the company/person? My time is precious; I want to buy, now. Would you stay on the page if the jargon was all corporate speak or filled with cliches? Not me. Engage your readers, and you can do so with a few short paragraphs that are on point.

Reason #6: Your ABOUT page should be written by a professional

Especially by a professional copywriter, who has the experience in taking Facts #1 through to #5 and turning out an engaging About page in 24-hours.

Reason#7: Your ABOUT page should have a Call To Action

Bringing it back to facts #1 and #2, there should be a clear Call To Action, so that clients can easily buy from you through this page. At the very least, ensure that your email address or a web page link is stated clearly on the page.


This article is written and reproduced with permission from Patricea Chow, Director & Brand Strategist at EcoLogic Marketing & Communications.

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