7 Great Tips To Entice Customers On Your Website

We all know that your website is a great marketing tool. But what strategies should you use for your website to get customers to buy?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is, ‘What is the purpose of my website?”

Once you know the answer, focus on providing useful information and use these tips to entice your customers.

Here are my 7 tips:

  1. Lucky Number 7

Did you know that 7 is by far, a hot favourite in terms of numbers? A poll of over 70,000 people showed that it was an overwhelming favourite number.

Coincidentally, 7 is also significant across many cultures. Just as there are 7 days in a week, 7 seas and 7 continents, lucky number 7 may work for you.

Try using it when pricing your products and services and see if they make a difference. For example, price your product as $77, $147 or $1007.

  1. The Magic Word: ‘Guarantee’

Research has shown that if you include the magic word ‘guarantee’ the closing ratio will increase about 70%.

Yet the risk of customers asking for their will be less than 5%, so the risk is very minimal for the sellers.

Try using ‘100% money back guarantee’ or ‘results guaranteed’ in your next sale.

  1. Use Bonuses in Sales

Adding bonuses to your products helps you convert more customers.

Include a bonus for customers to buy your product – just make sure your bonus relates directly to the product you are selling.

For example: “Book your Europe tour today, and you will be entitled free travel insurance, luggage bag and 1 extra night.”

  1. Catchy Headlines

Headlines are the most important in your web page. You only have a few seconds to impress potential customers.

Ultimately, the objective of the well-written headlines to grab your customer’s attention and impact the way your loyalty customers interact with your site.

One of the most powerful tools on your site is headlines which are important for ranking in search engines.

Here are some examples:

  • Numbers in Your Headline
    Computer at 70% Off (May Day promotion only)
    Get rid of acne in 3 sessions
    $700 discount for TV purchase
  • Headlines With a Question
    Want a Free holiday for 4 to Korea?
    Are you feeling nervous during driving test?
    Looking for an unbelievable home under S$1,000,000?
  • Headline Specifying Target Customers
    Newly-Wed Couples : Honeymoon package at $1,777
    New Home Owners : Enjoy the lowest home loan rate @ 0.07%
    Attention Parents: Your children want A* for Math without doing homework
  1. Insert Photos with Captions

Photographs with captions do well so that your customers know what they are looking at.

When selecting pictures for your website, there are a few types of pictures that do especially well.

According to Gallup Research, photos that do this are as follows:

  • Children/Babies
  • Mothers with baby
  • Group of adults
  • Animals
  • Sports scenes
  • Celebrities
  • Food
  1. Making Your Point with Scribbles and Illustrations

Research shows that doodling helps people stay focused, draw new concept and retain information.

This may sound strange, but experiments have shown that websites with doodles and scribbles can keep the attention of your website visitors for longer.

Try inserting scribbles as illustrations or images on your website and see if this helps!

  1. Types of Testimonials

No matter what your business, testimonials from existing customers will help build trust and brand reputation.

Testimonials from real people to give a new buyer confidence in your abilities to give what they want.

Don’t forget to seek consent from your customers to include their names and designation.

You should use mixture of testimonials which include:

  • Praise testimonial
  • Result-Based testimonial
  • Endorsement testimonial
  • “Tried everything else” testimonial

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