7 Nifty A.I. Tools for Anyone to Use Today

Artificial Intelligence has been the buzz word of 2017. Deborah Kay gives us 7 tools you can use.

IBM Watson uses linguistic analytics and personality theory to infer personality insights from unstructured text like tweets (try it here!). Microsoft Cognitive Service’s #HowOldRobot lets you upload a photo and uses facial recognition intelligence to predict your gender and your age (try it here!). These AI solutions are being used by large enterprises to predict shopping behaviour, assess risk potential or make hiring decisions.

Entrepreneurs, small businesses or marketers struggling to leverage AI in their everyday work should look no further. From Analytics to Content Creation to Website Design to Sales Prospecting, here is a list of 6 smart AI-powered tools that anyone can use today.

Here is a list of 7 smart AI-powered tools that anyone can use today:

#1 Understand Your Google Analytics Data Easily

Quill Engage will transform your Google Analytics data into easy to understand reports and highlight any key trends or insights for you. If you’ve struggled with making sense of GA, this tool is for you.

Free: One Quill Report with basic reporting. 

From $19.99-$49.99/month: Their premium plans allows you to create 10 reports with advanced reporting options.  Use TRYME for a one month free trial

#2 Write Effective Emails Appealing to Different Personalities 

Crystal Knows is an AI powered personality insights tool that helps you write better emails.  Crystal uses social media profiles and posts to develop personality insights for just about anyone. Their Gmail plugin will offer you helpful suggestions on how to craft the most effective email to appeal to various personality types.

Free: A Chrome extension will give you basic insights into anyone’s personality by visiting their LinkedIn profile.

From $19-49/month: Their Gmail app will coach you through writing an effective email targeted at the recipient’s personality types with personalised email templates.

#3 Replace Your FAQ Page with Q&A Bot 

QnAMaker Microsoft’s Cognitive Services QnA Maker makes a simple Q&A bot by scraping your website’s existing FAQ page. With natural language processing (NLP) abilities, QnA Maker Service distills semi-structured data into helpful, distinctive answers in a natural conversational way with machine learning logic.

Using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, the bot is smart enough to recognise questions even if they are phrased slightly differently.

Free: Create, test and deploy a simple Q&A bot that you can run on most messenger platforms (Facebook / Telegram / Slack / Skype). Alternatively embed on your website (Time taken: 15 minutes from start to deploying the bot)

#4 Build Your Own Chatbot In 10 Minutes

ChatFuel is another bot building platform that creates an “AI Facebook Messenger bot”. The truth is, what they call AI is more conditional logic than AI. Unlike Microsoft’s QnAMaker, your bot’s ability to respond to different questions depends on how many variants to the question you create using their “AI rules”. Build in enough rules and you’ll have a semi-responsive bot. It does not get smarter or learn from previous responses. But it’s still a fun and free platform to explore. Build a chatbot in 10 minutes with their bot templates.

Free: Build a bot for free if you have under 500,000 monthly active users 

#5 A Fully Functioning Website With Tailored Design 

Wix ADI – Artificial Design Intelligence helps small businesses design websites with AI. With just a few simple questions, Wix ADI designs tailored websites by learning about each person’s or business’ own needs. As much as I disliked using Wix’s old editor, I have to admit, their AI is surprisingly good. You can have a fully functioning website up and running in half an hour.

Free: Website on Wix’s subdomain 

From $4.50-$24.50/month for custom domains and other customisation and site booster options.

 #6  Turn Everyday Pictures and Movie Clips Into Stunning Music Videos

Magisto is by far my favourite video making app.  Built with Emotion Sense Technology, Magisto uses artificial intelligence to turn everyday pictures and movie clips into stunning music videos. Their aim – to get their movie to elicit the right sort of emotional response – not only to edit your footage, but to capture the perfect mood.

The app analyses in-frame action, camera motion, face detection, object detection and tracking, facial recognition to determine which parts of the uploaded footage is most interesting, and uses music and emotion to edit the movie for you. The edited video will be properly synchronised to the music in terms of cuts, speed and style.



Free: Videos under 4 min with limited footage

From $9.99/$39.99: Longer movies with premium editing styles, and ability to brand it with your own logo and text.

#7 Turn Blog Posts Into Engaging Videos

Lumen5 is a brand new video marketing tool that will turn your blog posts into engaging videos with AI.

Lumen5 will automatically pick out text from your blog post and suggest images to go in the video. You can modify the text, change the images, pick your own music, add branding, publish and share the video to your friends. Here’s an example of a Lumen5 video that went viral.


Free: While in beta, Lumen5 is free for anyone to use

Here you go. 7 new AI tools for you to try today! If you know of any other AI tools, share them in the comments!

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