7 Steps to Succeed as a Womenpreneur

womenpreneur 7 steps

Being womenpreneur is hard work and extremely stressful, especially where a balance between family and business needs to be achieved. Veteran businesswoman and mum Betty Ashman shares her 7 Steps to Succeed as a Womenpreneur.


Step 1. Discover the possibilities and pitfalls of entrepreneurship

A review of the attractions of entrepreneurship, and frank disclosure of its palpable risks for readers to get a clear view of the business world.

Step 2. Decide what you really want

This helps to-be or stagnant entrepreneurs consider their priorities and guides a self-evaluation to understand where entrepreneurship can help them achieve their goals, be they financial, personal or familial.

Step 3. Leverage your strengths

Pertinent questions and points allows the reader to understand what they are truly passionate about and good at, giving them an idea of what to build on in business, and practically speaking, what other roles are necessary for entrepreneurial success.

Step 4. Get support to succeed

The reader, with an understanding of their weakness, then discovers how to fill the gaps in their experience and company in both personal and business terms. A support system is important for entrepreneurs, and for women with families, there are many potential issues that the chapter addresses.

Step 5. Beat the stress

To survive, entrepreneurs are always on the ball, and new business owners may not be ready for the stress that it brings. This chapter details how to relieve the tension and in the process, be a happier and better entrepreneur.

Step 6. Connect with people and opportunities

This divulges the importance of connections – who you know – and advice on how to connect and maintain professional relationships, leverage their abilities and to then, find opportunities through them. Such a skill is especially important for the early stages of the company and I provide clear guidance on how to start or improve it.

Step 7. The last secret: Find your market place

One cannot overstate how crucial the right marketplace is for a business. Besides sales, it also influences the connections you make, the investment needed and more. This chapter gives readers a list of what to look out for in choosing the appropriate market place.


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