7 Ways Content Marketing Can Grow Your Business Organically

Content marketing is an essential component to your business’ growth. It encompasses the entire process of generating traffic to developing customers into promoters of your brand. The benefits provided by it are invaluable and can grow exponentially with time.

Here are seven ways that content marketing can expand your business:

  1. Improved Search Rankings: Firstly, content marketing bolsters your search rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. Through properly optimising your content, the pages of your site will be seen before other results, leading to the rest of the fantastic benefits content marketing provides. One example of how to do this is to use proper SEO tactics that incorporate keywords into your content that your target audience will most likely search for.
  2. Increased Organic Website Traffic: Higher search rankings translates into more website views. Successful content marketing has improved the monthly organic traffic of several sites by over 1,000% in some cases. Through higher search rankings, you should observe a steady rise of traffic on your site over time. The best way to grow your traffic is through consistently publishing valuable content that your audience will find helpful towards solving their problem in the form of blog posts or infographics. Educating your target audience is key.
  3. Sales Opportunities: As more and more people are viewing your site, you have an enhanced opportunity for sales. Your traffic is no longer a statistic on your screen; they are visitors that have a problem and are looking for a solution. At this point in the content marketing process, you want content that will be helpful to your visitors, building credibility and authority for your brand. This will develop your visitors into leads who may be willing to fork out money for what you are offering. An example is to provide visitors with content offers such as eBooks or learning courses through email subscriptions, which will likely turn them into qualified leads.
  4. Converting Leads into Customers: Proper content marketing will help these leads turn into customers. Businesses in this portion of the process should create content that illustrates how their product or service will solve the problem leads have and will perform better than the competitors in their particular industry. This is content marketing’s intended yet indirect outcome, to produce customers and grow business profits. One of the best methods to creating customers is adding calls-to-action buttons that funnel would-be buyers to landing pages. Use these pages to sell your product or service.
  5. After-sales Service: Content marketing does not stop after the sale. It is also used to keep customers satisfied, and the first part of doing so is providing resources for clients to use immediately after their purchase. The content created for this phase should make buyers want to subscribe and leave an excellent review regarding your brand. This kind of positivity will undoubtedly attract significantly more leads. Since many of your customers will have connections to social media, especially Facebook, they may ask questions about your product or service there. Be sure to respond to these social media messages and you may want to consider appointing a manager to handle this area of customer service.
  6. Retaining Customers: Keeping previous customers coming back for more is much easier than tracking down more leads, and content marketing can again help with this. Producing customer-only related content such as newsletters are terrific ideas. Provide materials to buyers that give additional value to the product or service you already offer. For instance, sending a digital copy of the manual and recommending more ways to help maximise usage of your product. Reward your loyal customers with free add-ons to their current purchase. As a result, you will build a sense of brand loyalty in your clients and excellent customer service almost always lead to repeat purchases.
  7. A trustworthy brand: Customers that are passionate enough are willing to write compelling stories, promote your services, and create content of their own about your brand is the epitome of content marketing success. These customers are the manifestation of seeing the content marketing process through to the end. Of course, content marketing never does end, but it becomes that much easier when you have fans of your brand creating promotional content for you. The best way to do this is to create a community area for your loyal customers where they can discuss your brand, then asking them to spread the word of how fantastic it is.

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