A Cup Above The Rest: S Gayathri, Women Entrepreneur Awards (WEA) 2018 Stellar Category Winner

A WEA Stellar Category Winner for 2018, S Gayathri is driven to keep the originality of teas when she established Premier’s Tea Moods in 2017 and propelled it to be a leading brand of tea in Singapore, popular for its unprecedented purity.


“Motivating others and myself towards greater productivity is my secret. I also make it a point to go the extra mile to learn and discover new things.”


Premier’s Tea Moods was established by S Gayathri in 2017 as a leading brand of tea in Singapore known for its purity and quality. Its mission, encapsulated by the word TEA, is: To only supply quality tea products; Enrich the consumer’s wellness through knowledge sharing; and Always be attentive to customers.

Believing in the sanctity of the originality of pure teas, the company spares no effort in retaining the tea’s purity and originality. Its products include Darjeeling teas, Assam teas, Nilgri teas and Kangra teas which are plucked during the quality period, and also include flavoured, fruit and herbal-infused teas.

Premier’s Tea Moods’ offerings are from India and are re-manufactured at its own tea plant in Calcutta, using state-of-the-art Japanese technology to ensure that only the purest of teas are blended, packaged and sold.

For many of us, tea may just be something we routinely sip over breakfast, or after a meal. But for Gayathri, it is a matter of profession and skill.

Gayathri, who turns 24 this year, is the director of Premier’s Tea Moods, one of Singapore’s newest entrants in the local tea scene. Her business sees her presenting quality tea to casual drinkers and aficionados alike in her quest to develop a unique tea culture in Singapore. Although getting into tea was not her first career of choice — she had wanted to enter the medical profession given her natural desire to care for and nurture those around her — she is now in the perfect position to lead people on the path of appreciating a better cuppa.

What got you into tea?

While working at my family’s company as a HR Executive, we had an associate in Kolkata who had a tea business whom we visited. It was at his tea reprocessing plant where I discovered there is so much to learn about tea. I did my research upon my return and felt that I really want to introduce this into the Singapore market so that we can better understand what we drink. So I started Premier’s Tea Moods in July 2017.

Tell us more about the company.

Premier’s Tea Moods is the exclusive distributor of Premier’s Tea in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei and Indochina, except Thailand and Myanmar. Our primary focus is on quality Indian black teas, which are of high grade tea leaves free from impurities.

We use state-of-the-art Japanese technology to purify the teas and we keep it affordable for everyone. It’s common for tea suppliers to buy teas from various places, repacking them without thorough processing into their packaging and selling them as their own respective brands, but we have added the steps of processing where we refine and pack our own tea.

Where do you see Premier’s Tea Moods five years from now?

I’d like to open a few cafés where we can serve pastries infused with our tea, do tea pairings and rejuvenate the culture of drinking tea as a lifestyle option.

How do you improve yourself?

Through motivating others and myself. I also make it a point to go the extra mile to discover new things. Right now, I am learning more about Chinese tea and Ceylon tea.


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Article originally published in Women Entrepreneur Awards.

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