Buffer Got Rid of Their Office, Should You Work Remotely as Well?

woman working from home
woman working from home

If you are watching the tech scene closely, you will notice that Buffer, a popular social media management tool has decided to get rid of their office after growing to 50 people.

If you are still deciding if working from home is a good idea, here’s an interesting quote from Jason Zimdars of Basecamp.

“There are no advantages for people who come into the office, no disadvantages to staying home to get your work done.” – Jason Zimdars

There’s always been a perception that going into office make a person more productive. In some ways, some people do find that they are able to better focus on working in office. However, if you are able to setup a comfortable working environment at home where you can work interrupted, working is a very viable option.

Time Saving
Making a trip down to office and back can be quite time consuming, especially if the office is far away. For ladies with a family, staying at home to work is actually quite helpful to achieving a work life balance.

Saving on Rental Costs
While rental didn’t make up a large proportion of Buffer’s costs, rental costs can be very significant in land scarce Singapore. For more ways to save costs in business, see 5 Simple Ways to Save Costs For a Small Business

What happens if you have a team of employees? Will you be able to manage your employees remotely? Is the office important for team collaboration?

team remote meeting
team remote meeting

Taking a cue from Buffer’s CEO Joel Gascoigne,

“With an office, if team members are in San Francisco it can be easy to delay meetings until all team members are in the office. The conclusion we came to is that we should always do the thing we can do immediately. If we need to quickly have a meeting and we’re not in the same place, we should jump onto a Hangout, even if we are in the same city.” – Joel Gascoigne

Technology has certainly made remote working much easier with so many communication tools available like Skype, Hangout, HipChat, Slack etc. However in Asia, many bosses still think that because they pay a salary, the employee has to be in office during working hours. A mindset shift is required as there has to be an emphasis on deliverables rather than spending time in office.

What do you think? Do you think this can work here?

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