LadyBoss February Panel Discussion: Building A Million Dollar Business – In Pictures

The Ladyboss team marketed and organised our biggest event to date on February 9, 2017 – 220 women attended our event at Lattice80. The event comprised of a networking session and a panel discussion titled “Building A Million Dollar Business”.

The panelists were Cheryl Gan, Entrepreneur / Managing Director of Mt. Sapola, Gina Heng, Co-Founder/CEO
of Marvelstone Group and Louisa Lee, Managing Director of DP Dental. The panel discussion was moderated by Liyana Stuart, Co-Founder of LadyBoss Asia.

Here are the pictures of the event, taken by InspireWorkz.

Join us for our next event on April 27, ‘Raising Capital: LadyBoss Networking Night & Panel Discussion’. Click here to register.

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