Creating beauty from within: Lucinda Law

Earth laughs in flowers”, is an ornamental musing from 19th century poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, that Singaporean creative entrepreneur, Lucinda Law, can readily relate to in its reverie of Mother Nature.

From Claude Monet to Mark Twain, the seeds of nature have inspired great works of art through the ages and the fertile soils of earth is at the core of Law’s artistic business venture, Within. Prior to launching Within, a digital conservatory of collated, nature-inspired works, she worked as a cultural/travel editor and taught for more than 13 years in arts and design institutions, including Temasek Polytechnic, Laselle School of the Arts and Glasgow School of Arts. Contented with her profession, she had no intention to set up her own company, but after living semi-off-the-grid in New Zealand while on sabbatical leave, she discovered a passion that she could turn into a full time job. “I’m passionate about nature, learning and connection with others. I deeply enjoy and thrive in facilitating knowledge, and I’m always inspired to create and nurture a meaningful and memorable learning journey for my students,” she enthused. “Within was a very natural progression for me to be able to integrate all that I love and can do well in, this time round with a strong collaborative role with nature.”

With various magazine spreads, including the most recent fashion floral illustration piece in Harper’s Bazaar India, her profile is blooming. Law is a busy woman, buried in commissioned artworks, planning creative workshops with other creative collaborators and corporate firms, and booking in students for her weekend retreat in July. Her day-to-day schedule is demanding and while the less colourful, but necessary administrative work steals some of her time with botanical subjects, the similar demands of her previous occupations have granted her the tools of problem-solving and acumen to keep it to a minimum, which gives her essential time to research, create and hang out with friends and family. From all her various achievements, a bespoke, nature-inspired workshop in partnership with entrepreneur, Melissa Shoes, has been her proudest highlight to date.

Organised to launch the new collection from Melissa Shoes and celebrate International Women’s Day, her attendees included Serena Adsit, Marie Choo and other influential Singaporean philanthropists and businesswomen. It was an afternoon of “green and glamour” and making luscious terrariums with her tailor-made materials, including semi-precious Rose Quartz stones. Her guests left happy and others were even inspired to create their own works at home, so for her, it was a big success.

“Sooner or later, everyone has to acknowledge and is won over by nature’s beauty and mysterious charm,” she asserts in response to what keeps her inspired in her continuous stream of beautiful designs, before adding that “living life in coherence with nature, whether within ourselves or the world around us can be peaceful. This keeps me very busy as an artist and as an advocate for facilitating knowledge about creativity, cultural and lifestyle topics linked to nature.” Law is planning a luxurious retreat in November for those who wish to immerse themselves in nature and be inspired to grow their creativity.

Imagination, tenacity, curiosity and adaptability are just some of the qualities she’s outlined as being vital for those whose aspirations are to launch and manage a creative startup, and her advice to budding entrepreneurs is simplified to “find your passion and confidence.”

Explore Lucinda Law’s works and book your place on her workshops, courses and open-studio visits on Connect with her on Instagram ( and Lucinda Law), Pinterest (Withinsg), Snapchat (Lucinda Law) and Facebook (

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