Cultural Training Asia Launches 2 Women In Leadership Programs

Cultural Training Asia has launched two Women in Leadership (WIL) programs to help accelerate gender equality and participation of women in leadership roles.

The two programs – aimed at women at different levels of seniority in the workforce – will run in October and November this year.

According to McKinsey Global Institute (2012, 2015) closing the gender gap could increase the GDP in South East Asia by 11%. Research also suggests that organizations with more gender balanced leadership teams financially outperform their less gender balanced counterparts.

Around the world, including South East Asia women remain underrepresented in leadership roles, in Singapore for example only 27% of management positions are held by women.

“A lot of women are getting inpatient. Changes are very slow and organisations could do much more,” said Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli, Managing Partner at Developing Global Leaders Asia.

“The good news is that women networks are getting organized, a lot of awareness raising is happening, especially through subconscious bias programs and panel discussions. Less is happening in ‘debiasing’ recruitment and promotions policies and practices or creating pay equity between male and female employees,” she added.

Cultural Training Asia has designed two leadership programs aimed to support women at critical stages of their careers:

– Advance and Thrive for women in senior management; and
– Accelerate for women with 5 years work experience.

“In my experience these programs can spark amazing results. In order to create a longer-lasting impact we have created programs as leadership journeys rather than one-off events.” said Dr. Tungli.

The Women in Leadership (WIL) programs invite participants on a journey of integrated learning: including workshops, individual coaching sessions, panel discussions, Harrison Assessment, and much more.

“We believe the time for talking is over and companies must invest in their female workforce more to reap the benefits of a balanced leadership team, better business results, improved innovation and creativity,” said Dr Tungli.

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