LadyBoss Tries: A 30 Minutes Lifting Facial

It’s hard to believe that simply running a machine against the surface of your skin is able to cause any immediate effect. I had the opportunity to try the Prive’s Elite Facelift treatment which uses patented focused RF technology to tighten your skin on the lower jaw and can be used to tighten skin all around the face. The usual beauty salons are not able to operate such machines as therapists using these aesthetics machines have to be trained by a certified medical doctor.

Benefits include healing of acne scars, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improvement of skin texture.

The treatment was only half an hour I was surprised at how just 15 minutes on one side of the lower jaw was able to produce such an effect. The warmth of the machine part was bearable and felt comfortable, even for someone who has sensitive skin. If you look at the right side of this picture below, it is visibly tighter and more defined than the left.

While the effect is quite immediate, the therapist told me that it might not last beyond a week if the customer has slightly saggier skin. I could see definitely see myself going back for a quick fix before an event or before the weekend begins when I need my face to look slimmer than it actually is! This treatment is great for brides who want to look the best on their big day too. Verdict? Lifting facials do work! Regular application of the Elite Facelift will produce longer-lasting effects and help to improve the laxity of the skin.

For more information, contact Prive Aesthetics.


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