Dress Like A Singaporean Personality This Halloween: 3 Lazy DIY Costumes for the Busy LadyBoss

Staff writer Shikin Hamid gives you ideas on how to dress like a Singaporean icon this Halloween: Joseph Schooling, Phua Chu Kang or Summons Auntie!

We’ve all been Marilyn Monroe, Xena the Warrior Princess and even a pumpkin for Halloween. Why not dress as a local personality this Halloween?

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We’ve come a long way as a nation – from record-smashing swimmers at Rio 2016 to our beloved heartland (some say Batam) contractor. As the Halloween tradition is increasingly popular in Singapore, it is time to showcase our local personality icons that have shaped our identity and local culture. Pay a tribute to our podium finish successes at Rio and celebrate these quirky personalities we all identify with.

Yes, very patriotic indeed! Immerse yourself in the Singaporean culture because we all know; it is not only the food but also the people that made this sunny island awesome!

Here are 3 lazy costume suggestions based on Singapore personalities.  Don’t say “Bo Jio”!

Olympic and Paralympic medalist swimmers!

Set your standards for a Halloween costumes high! With this outfit, you may not set a new world record, but you will look sporty – amongst the upper echelons of physical fitness and fame.

In Rio, the hype started with Joseph Schooling clinching a Gold Medal at the Olympics followed by our para-swimmers Yip Pin Xiu who won multiple Gold medals and Theresa Goh scoring bronze!


Kudos to our national athletes!

It was the greatest achievement Singapore ever made in any international sporting arena. Our national heroes certainly have inspired a nation with their achievements!

We may never be close to compete on international sporting stage like the Olympics, but we definitely can look like them!

To dress like a champion, you will need:


Be bold, be GOLD this Halloween!

Parking Enforcement Officer

Notorious drivers would be familiar with the sight of this Singaporean personality well.

Their shadows are never traced. Sight of them make most drivers shiver. You will never know where they will be as they make their rounds in random parking spaces – with no fixed route nor routine for their patrol.


Even if you don’t see them, you feel their presence if you’re guilty. Leaving a note that you’ve been summon, close to a death note to some – usually a slip of paper tucked to your window wiper!

This Halloween, safe your sad excuses for parking your car at the zig-zag line or you just conveniently “forgot” about the time your coupons cover you.

Simply said, when they issue a ticket there is no other way around it. If you can’t beat them, join ‘em!

To dress like the summon aunty, you will need:

summon aunty

Do park at your designated season lots this Halloween as they might be lurking in multi-story carparks near you.

 Phua Chu Kang

Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, also known as PCK for short, was a Singaporean sitcom on MediaCorp TV Channel 5. The show debuted in Singapore in 1997 and ran for 8 seasons.

Our favourite Ah Beng contractor!


This Ah Beng (Singlish slang for a stereotypical, Chinese gangster) contractor is known for his trademark yellow plastic boots and large facial mole. Rain or shine, his charm and Singlish accent will never fail to entertain.

Noted for his famous cliché catchphrase “Don’t Play Play”, he is a local icon even beyond the sitcom. PCK was also featured in local campaigns throughout the years and he still remain popular till today.

If you want to be known in Singapore, JB and some say Batam – be sure to take on these tips!

To dress like PCK, you will need:

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