Entrepreneur Mindset: Personify your Business as your IDEAL PARTNER

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love life

#1 Business Money Mindset

Business and entrepreneurship are like relationships, there are these spectacular highs where you receive a huge WIN and you feel ecstatic and you want to hump the sky (The Honeymoon Phase); And sometimes you feel gutted, like someone dumped you, leaving you in the cold slums, to sob alone (The Troughs).

Whether you’re in your high highs or low lows, being mindful of your inner relationship to your business and preparing for the lows can make the difference betweenthriving, and losing months of valuable productivity.

Most people don’t acknowledge that a relationship between them and their business exists. If they do, it’s often “I want you(your business) to work for me” entitled, demanding, hopeful relationship rather than a nurturing and loving one.

So, I’m going to share my Business Money Mindset #1 with you. When you master this Mindset, you will be able to attract clients and opportunities with ease and flow (instead of desperation or spewing hustles) and you will begin each day filled with renewed inspiration and commitment.

#1 Business Money Mindset: Personify your Business as your IDEAL PARTNER

Treating your Business as your IDEAL PARTNER is powerful, life-changing, and a HUGE catalyst for growth. When my private client Veronica* first began her business, she was getting sporadic highs and months of $0s. There was no consistency, despite happy clients.  She had tried and done everything from group programs and her business school degree told her to do, but she struggled to keep her head above water and not sink into depression. After recognizing that, she implemented the points below, built a relationship with her bottom line (Money), optimized it, loved it, and she made her first 4 figure month, and most recently closed a 12k month.

While new doubts come up with these new breakthroughs, this single distinction changed the way she looked at her relationship with her business, and cultivated a sustainable and pleasurable state of mind that moved her out of the place of LACK and into the place of ABUNDANCE, consistently.

The most important three steps to get to a fruitful and expanded relationship with your business are:

Secret # 1. IDENTIFY how you’re relating to your Business

When you think of your business, recognize how you relate to it – is it excitement and love or stress and anxiety? Honestly and lovingly assess yourself in this area will most increase your growth.

Secret # 2: DETERMINE what you want your IDEAL relationship to be.

It is love? Is it acceptance? Unconditional? Love yourself and love your business no matter what. Love yourself and your business when things are going well. When you fail, give yourself and your business even more love. Beating yourself up won’t make you a better entrepreneur. Allowing and giving more love will, because it decreases your fear of failure and increases the likelihood of your success

Secret #3: CAPTURE your ideal relationship with your business in a loving SENTENCE

Do this so that you can always return to this. You can start your mornings with this or to bring you back to this place when things go downhill.

Mine LINE to my business is, “I love you no matter what, the wins are great, the losses are great, but the unconditional love is constant and does not go away!”

Your mission, if you choose to take it on, is to write down ONE line to share with yourself and your business first thing in the morning for the next 30 days.

Because, when you say YES to yourself, the world says YES to you.

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