How to get your first 10,000 followers on Facebook

Love it or hate it, social media followers are a lucrative asset to any entrepreneur. They can turn into leads and regular customers, helping you grow your business. They are a measure of your outreach into your targeted audience, demonstrating the effectiveness of your branding and brand loyalty.

So how do you grow your Facebook following?

Try out the six tips below to help you get on track to 10,000 followers:

  • Fill out your Facebook business page entirely: Augment your Facebook page to be engaging and complete. Your business is legitimate, so make sure people will take it seriously. Properly optimize it with SEO and graphics to ensure that your page will be indexed and show up in relevant searches. Any incomplete information on your page could turn visitors away looking to support your competition.
  • Leverage Your Existing Facebook Friends: If you have a personal page, use your friends to promote your business page. Have them follow your page and invite their friends to follow as well. Do not be shy to ask them to share and promote your content. The more you do this, the more visibility your posts get, increasing your potential for more followers and customers.
  • Follow influencers in your niche: To gain followers, you have to be a follower. Find relevant, influential people in your business niche and follow them. However, only following them will not be enough. Cultivate a relationship and share this person’s content. With some time, this influencer may want to return the favor. These people can provide extensive visibility to your content and add a layer of credibility to your business. Eventually, you will see your followers upsurge. Be careful with this tip, however; following too many people may hurt your credibility.
  • Optimize your business site with Facebook follow and engagement buttons: Funneling those who visit your website to your Facebook can demonstrate how many of your viewers are willing to engage with your business. You can accomplish by scattering Facebook follow buttons and boxes around your site. Add share buttons to every post or page on your site to let your visitors work for you by reaching more people. Additionally, connecting your blog or site with Facebook will allow it to post automatically to your business page.
  • Post content that is helpful to your followers: Just as important as chasing followers, is preserving existing To do so, you have to post content that is interesting, helpful, and creative. Sharing content from influencers mentioned above, creating your own or providing updates on trending topics in your niche are all great ideas. Post a variety of content such as infographics, news events, videos, helpful articles or blog posts, interesting statistics about your niche, or relevant comedy. Whatever you decide to post, make sure that your followers benefit from it and want to return for more.
  • Use Facebook advertising: While this may cost you financially, the payoff can be incomparable. Not only will you gain followers, but also you will gain potential clients and customers that would otherwise never have come across your business. Advertise towards a particular audience that will want what you are offering. This will ensure that you are collecting faithful fans, as opposed to those who are not interested in your product or services.

Use these tips to increase your Facebook followers dramatically, and in turn, gain several more customers for your business. You will soon see your follower count reach the lofty goal of 10,000 and more!

This post first appeared on LinkedIn.

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