How to Build and Maintain a High Level of Confidence

LadyBoss attended the Athena Network meeting recently featuring serial entrepreneur Daniel Priestley. It was a rather informal setup, which was ran more like a discussion. It was great as there was a lot more interaction and a couple of us managed to ask some questions. One of the topics which he touched on was building and maintaining a high level of confidence.


Why Do You Need a High Level of Confidence?

When it comes to starting and running a business, confidence is absolutely crucial. The outward confidence is what Daniel calls external clarity. Having external clarity helps you to project a high level of confidence towards people you deal with.

Showing confidence helps you to win customers, get investors, lead team members and more. Especially if you are in the service line, building customer confidence is absolutely important for you to win a contract. Investors won’t invest in your business unless you show that you are confident enough to be able to achieve the kind of returns which they are looking to get for their investments.


How Do You Build Confidence?

Daniel mentioned about developing internal clarity, which is critical to building your confidence.

1. Develop Mission and Vision

A mission and vision are absolutely critical to any business or organization. Clearly define your company goals, what the company stands for, the customer experience and more. Make sure all your team members are with you on this beating the same tune.

2. Stick to the Plan

After you have described your plans, make sure you stick to it. Don’t suddenly change direction and get sidetracked. A person who is unable to stick to the plan generally doesn’t inspire confidence.

3. Be Self Aware

It is important to be fully aware of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with yourself, do what you are best at and either get partners or hire to make up for your weaknesses. Doing what you are good at is a really good confidence builder.


How Do You Maintain Confidence?

There will be days which you will find that you do not have internal clarity. Maybe your business did not meet the projections you originally set. Perhaps you met many people who have doubts about your business direction.

1. Fall back on your pitch

Remember that business pitch which you did to your investors? It is a good time to take a look back at it and examine if you are following what you set out to do. It will help you to find your grounding and stay focused.

2. Publish Your Thoughts

Publishing your thinking be it in the form of blogs or even books is a good way of letting others know what you stand for. It is a good way to project external clarity and writing what’s in your head will help you to organise your thoughts as well.

3. Get Support

Networking is not just about making connections for partnerships and collaborations. A strong network provides a cohesive environment where we can lean on one another for support. If you have something you just can’t wrap your head around, share it with like minded individuals within your network and you may just find the answers you need by listening to them.


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