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LadyBoss Asia was founded on the basis of one main belief – that entrepreneurs should be empowered and inspired to pursue their career goals and objectives. To achieve this, our 3 founders have created an extensive network of inspiration through LadyBosses that provide life hacks, tips and personal experience to mention a few. These LadyBosses range from business leaders that have the experience and specific industry knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs that are on their way of creating something beautiful. This community of successful individuals break the traditional belief that entrepreneurship is a lonely journey – it doesn’t have to be!

Connecting Women 

LadyBoss networking events are one of many ways we enable you to connect with like-minded women in a relaxed, comfortable, non-judgemental yet rewarding space. We organise bi-monthly events in Singapore (for now), it is our goal to foster collaboration between women from all industries. More than 2000 women have joined our tribe. Join us today!

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