LadyBoss Tries: Blind Date Spa at Luxurious Spa Week by Vaniday

I booked a blind date spa session via the Vaniday app during the Luxurious Spa Week, which meant that I did not know what was in store for me. I’ve always wanted to try the massages at Adeva Spa and a spa session was going at $88 during the spa week. Firstly, I downloaded the app; gorgeous design on the app and super user-friendly. There were lots of other treatments that could be booked such as eyebrow waxing, haircuts and manicures. I selected my timing at Adeva Spa and it was booked immediately! Payment was done via the Vaniday app, which makes it more convenient as you don’t have to wait at the counter and fumble with cash or credit card after the session.

The spa is located inside Paragon, at the heart of Orchard Road, it was super easy to find my way. The staff was warm and friendly when I arrived at the spa. And they asked some questions to understand my skin type and whether the treatment recommended was suitable.

Once I tucked myself into the Tempur massage bed, I knew it was going to be a luxurious experience. My therapist cleansed my face of makeup and began massaging my face with the thermal cream which helps to detox and contour. The warmth was a bit intense, just for a short while. I enjoyed my massage so much I drifted away to lala-land. The therapist mentioned that she has been working at the spa for seven years and I believe her, she was so skillful at massaging my face. I never knew that a facial massage could be so rejuvenating! Adeva Spa uses luxury Spanish skincare label, Natura Bissé. This celebrated skincare label has been distinguished with various international awards and honors.

After the spa session, I peeled myself off the bed and was greeted by green bean soup dessert, sandwiches and ginger tea at the reception area. What a way to end a pampering session.

Three days after my facial with Adeva Spa, it still feels supple and hydrated! For all LadyBoss readers, you’ll enjoy a special discount if you book in the month of October and November using this code ‘IAMALADYBOSS‘ on Vaniday!

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