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Are you looking to bounce off ideas and discuss challenges with fellow female entrepreneurs and business leaders? If so, LadyBoss Elite is the place for you!

What is LadyBoss Elite?

LadyBoss Elite is a membership provided for female business leaders in Singapore who are either entrepreneurs or female heads of companies. 

This membership entitles you to an exclusive network of serious entrepreneurs or C-level female leaders. 

Women from both MNCs and SMEs are invited to join in our vibrant community and connect with other LadyBosses for your businesses!

Peer Support and Accountability Group

Not only we are a vibrant network community catering to female entrepreneurs and business leaders, we are also a peer support and accountability group as well. The idea of LadyBoss Elite is to form a close knit group of fellow women in various industries and providing support for each other along the journey. 

As female entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how lonely our journey can be and how important it is to have a group of peers as a sounding board and to celebrate our success with. 

Our LadyBoss Elite sessions are held in a safe and confidential environment where you are able connect with like-minded women freely. Each member will first introduce themselves through a lifeline, where they talk about their background or motivation that brings them here and at subsequent sessions, elite members will get to share updates about their businesses, life stories and propose business ideas to be discussed as a group too!

*To qualify, you must be the founder, co-founder, owner, managing director, one of the key decision makers or controlling shareholder of a company and run your company full-time.

In order to join our exclusive LadyBoss Elite network, you will need to nominate yourself or someone you know by filling in the form below. After the review process, we will inform you the outcome of your nomination. Once approved, our LadyBoss team will be sending you an email directing you to the payment page with which you can proceed to make payment and join us.

LadyBoss Elite Membership Fee: $300/year

Benefits of a LadyBoss Elite

Exclusive invitations to 6 exclusive LadyBoss Elite networking sessions a year

Nomination Process*

First right of refusal to sponsorship of LadyBoss events

VIP invitations to all LadyBoss events (5 events a year)

10% Discount off all Media and Event Sponsorship Packages

Exclusive Network of High-Powered Female Executives

A 10 minute Introduction to the LadyBoss Elite community

Listen to what some of our LadyBoss Elites have to say

"I've joined LadyBoss Elite when it was just launched because I like the idea of meeting other ladybosses to learn more about being an entrepreneur and be inspired.

So far, in the 3 meetings that we've had since the inception of LadyBoss Elite, I've received lots of helpful and practical suggestions for my business. For example, I took on the advice of personalizing leather cuffs for my jewellery label and the responses from my customers has been great!

Fellow members in this community are also very encouraging, they check in with each other and spur each other on. I really enjoy this environment of women building up women."

- Joanna, Founder of Blithe & Merry

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