LadyBoss Tries: Hydrating and Soothing Facial for Sensitive Skin


Going for facial with sensitive skin can be quite taunting, as my skin is prone to breakouts even if the best and most expensive products are used. While I have a suite of facial treatments to choose from, Prive Aesthetics has created a special customised facial with Clinccare products, which are exclusive to Prive Aesthetics. This facial targets dry and sensitive skin since many of its products aims to hydrate the skin with low molecular hyaluronic acid.

To start off the facial, a Silky Clear Peeling Gel removes dead skin cells to give skin a soft texture. This gel is gentle on the skin as compared to other types of exfoliation. Next, a standard procedure in most facials, extraction was carried out meticulously. The therapist was careful to not overdo it as extracting on sensitive skin could cause scarring.

After the extraction, while the skin is red and sore, a Silky 2-in-1 Ceramide Gel, which produces an anti-stress and anti-oxidant effect, is applied to strengthen skin’s moisture.

Ending off the facial, the Cliniccare EGF Pure Mask which contains Nianicamide to treat unevenness of skin and mitigate red marks from the extraction from earlier on. The redness and discomfort went away once the mask was removed and my skin felt supple thanks to the hydrating products. I would highly recommend this facial for anyone with sensitive skin.

Try it yourself: CLINICCARE Hydra Booster Facetherapy @ $228 First Trial

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