Budding Entrepreneur: Lenice Tan of SkinnyBlooms

As the saying goes, “like attracts like” and in the case of friends Lenice Tan of SkinnyBlooms and Sihui Heng of Naked and Unbound, visualisations of founding and running their own businesses have been realised. 24 and 25-years-old respectively, the impassioned entrepreneurs have hit the ground running with their business ventures.

LadyBoss caught up with both women to talk business, from the past to the present and the future. Lenice is currently running her business via social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Her website is a work in progress which will be launching in some time in September.

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Tell us about your business, how long of you’ve been doing it, and who your customers are?

I have recently launched SkinnyBlooms in July. I’m blessed to have a mentor initially whom I learned the basics of floral care from. After 2 months of mentorship, I decided to take a leap of faith and venture on my own. My clienteles are from all walks of life, both men & women. They usually order bouquets for celebratory occasions, such as Anniversaries, Birthdays & my personal favourite Weddings.

What were you doing before entrepreneurship?

I was a visual merchandiser for a fashion retail brand before starting this business.

In terms of sales and marketing, how do you reach your customers, and what works? 

I market through social media and started with Instagram as my main platform as I personally feel that visuals are key when trying to reach customers. Lots of factors come to play when creating the visuals such as art direction and copywriting to ensure that it is easy for the client to comprehend. If a potential customer likes what she/he sees, they would naturally want to follow the account and consider its services for future festivities.


The price point is also an important factor considering there are also similar businesses online. My rates are pretty affordable and most importantly I ensure that all my clients are satisfied with their bouquets by sending them snaps of the bouquets while creating them so it’s as though we’re creating it together. All bouquets are unique and it is impossible to create two exactly the same as I always get the freshest seasonal flowers available at the nursery on the day itself. Every creation made would be uniquely theirs to keep.

What are your best-selling bouquets so far?

My most ordered florals are my Hydrangea Bouquets. I love creating them too because they are extremely versatile and there are multiple ways to style them with other seasonal florals too. It’s a fun flower to experiment  and create with.

The cotton preserved bouquets are well received as well. Some of my clients do appreciate preserved blooms for their unique characteristics and of course the fact that they won’t wilt further is a bonus point. Simply just display them in their living spaces once received and you’re set for months, even years.

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Where do you see the future of your floral business? Any plans for other ventures?

I would hope to expand my floral creations to bigger scale events such as weddings and parties. Hopefully venture into the F&B and retail industry too, in the far future.

Tell us about your Number 1 business challenge.

I think that keeping my rates affordable can be pretty challenging at times because it means a much lower profit margin. However, spreading love to people from different walks of life with my creations does bring about a sense of joy and satisfaction.

A quote that you would like to share with our readers:

Love Made Visible. That is my tagline for SkinnyBlooms. SkinnyBlooms hopes to bring love and enhance living spaces with our creations. From fresh to dried, our blooms are hand lovingly made with each individual client’s penchant in mind.


Stay tuned for Sihui’s interview to find out how she juggles running her lingerie label, Naked and Unbound, while having a full-time job!

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