Love Bonito’s Rachel Lim: Connecting With Customers

Rachel Lim Love Bonito
Rachel Lim Love Bonito

Employing over 60 people across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Love Bonito is one of the most beloved home grown fashion label for ladies. With over 90,000 followers on Instagram and 130,000 Facebook Likes, Love Bonito has not just a huge following online but also strong brand loyalty.

“Love Bonito’s mission started as sharing the love of fashion but over time as we realised our influence we had and our purpose, our mission changed to empowering confidence with style.”

Rachel Lim Love Bonito

Love Bonito now has a flagship store in KL, based in popular mall MidValley. As a fast fashion brand, Love Bonito comes with new designs at breakneck speed, often having about 65 new designs a month. When asked how Rachel manages it, “we have processes in place to ensure a continuous flow of designs. Our designers also often take time to go out and seek inspiration as part of the job.”


What Advice Do You Have For Entrepreneurs Who Are Looking to Venture Beyond Their Home Country?

“You should try to localize strategies according to the market rather than try to take what you have in Singapore and copy directly. For example, we believe that a brick and mortar store would do better in Malaysia which is why we opened a store there. On the other hand, in Indonesia we use the app LINE to sell as Indonesians use LINE a lot to buy and sell. In Singapore, it’s not really a practice, but we have to adapt wherever we go to.

We chose Malaysia and Indonesia as they are regionally close and our strength is fashion for Asian women. Furthermore, Indonesia is a huge market which we intend to further expand beyond the capital city. So you should also choose a market which suits your strength.”

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Can You Share Some Insights Into Love Bonito’s Marketing Strategy?

“We did not have to spend much at the beginning but over time we started search engine optimization (seo), search engine marketing (sem), social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing campaigns.

What we pride ourselves in is our connection and engagement with our customers. While our competitors can copy our marketing campaigns, our strategies, our look and feel, photos etc., but they can never take away our connection with our customers.” It is indeed a strong competitive advantage that Love Bonito has built over the years.

Rachel Lim Love Bonito

So What Is The Key To Building Such Strong Connections?

“Listen to them what your customers say, what they don’t say, what they want. It’s really about understanding your customers on a deeper level and that’s the best way to come up with different campaigns for them. We also reach out to them when we have our warehouse sales, popup shops where we get the chance to interact with them and speak with them. We are truly passionate and we have a 5 person strong community team actively listening to engaging them. We also run focus groups regularly where we can understand their needs and get their feedback.”

“While our competitors can copy our marketing campaigns, our strategies, our look and feel, photos etc., but they can never take away our connection with our customers”

Rachel Lim Love Bonito

What Do You Think Is The Strongest Form of Marketing?

“I believe word of mouth speaks the loudest and truest. Our customers are really our brand ambassadors, as they will talk about the brand and defend the brand. This is the reason why we place so much emphasis on our community and customers.”

What Would Be One Word of Advice For Women Entrepreneurs?

“You should know yourself very well, your strengths and weaknesses, and you work with people who can complement them.”

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