Making A Splash: Q&A with Founder Lyn Rosmarin of K.BLU and Kenzilily

K.BLU is a line of fashionable women’s swimwear crafted from high-quality fabrics and governed by an Asian-design philosophy.

After realising a dearth of smaller-sized, fashionable swimwear that better fit petite Asian frames, founder and creative director Lyn Rosmarin, launched the brand in 2014.

LadyBoss spoke to Lyn of K.BLU and Kenzilily and the future of fashionable swimwear labels.

K.BLU stands for strong, independent women – fearless & confident.

Q: Tell us more about K.BLU and Kenzilily? What are the differences between these two labels? 

A: Being an avid sailor and a sea enthusiast, K.BLU is inspired by my love for the ocean, the 3 S – Sun, Sea & Summer.

I wanted to create a brand to get women to be more active and involved with the outdoors and the sea while looking elegant & glamorous. I wanted to bring the whole beach culture, resort wear and quality lifestyle to Singapore.

K.BLU speaks to my age-group, working women, single or married women with kids. As a mother of 2, I can fully understand the struggle to find the right swimwear that fits moreover to enhance my body-type.

K.BLU stands for strong, independent women – fearless & confident.

Whereby Kenzilily speaks to a younger generation, who is still exploring, pushing boundaries and looking for adventures. The designs are more colourful, takes on a character of spontaneity & free-spirited.

It exemplifies a similar vision of K.BLU with vivid hues & prints – and still involves summer but in a fun way; like our Vitamin K & Electro Frutti collections are inspired by tropical fruits – and our latest collection, Lily’s Dream – is inspired by the serenity of sunset & bamboo forests.

Q: How long you’ve been doing it, and who your customers are?

A: 2017 will be my 3rd year since I started K.BLU.

But the journey process took longer than that, a lot of trial and errors like any other start-up businesses. Hopefully K.BLU will continue to grow and expand more internationally.

My customer base have been growing steadily throughout the years, nowadays I see more customers from Japan, Korea and China when previously it was more local based.

Q: What were you doing before entrepreneurship? 

A: I used to work as Fx sales for hedge funds and asset managers in the region for 12 years in several banks. Last stint was at BAML in 2012.

I do miss those days that highly intelligent conversations were held and theories that I can work on to push out some good trade ideas. But leaving the job to pursue another dream was something that I cannot not do.

Kenzilily is created as a younger, cheekier sister of K.BLU.


Q: What’s the idea behind K.BLU and Kenzilily? 

A: K.BLU is first created for women to be more involved in the sea and outdoors, while looking elegant and glamorous. K.BLU speaks to working adults, strong women and mothers because we’ve always made an effort to enhance the silhouette of every women in different shape and size, along with our bold prints & colours. It is the idea of confidence and fearlessness to be a woman.

Kenzilily is created as a younger, cheekier sister of K.BLU. It also happened to be inspired by my 3 year old daughter Kenzilily, who is an active, fun & adventurous young girl. It is catered for a younger audience, who love to explore and have fearless adventures.

Q: In terms of sales & marketing, how do you reach your customers, and what works?

A: We are trying different strategies one at a time.

No doubt this is an internet era, social medias play a big part in our marketing strategies. But we don’t rely fully on one thing, we also love to connect with our returning customers.

We’d hold a special event at least once in two months to reward our loyal supporters & customers, like a Tea Party we just had that was only catered to customers who are already in our database, with special treats & prizes exclusively for them.

For me, the most important thing is having a good, real relationship with them. Nothing beats a happy customer who is satisfied with our products & service.

Q: How many customers do you have currently?

A: We have customers from all around the world, and 60% of them are repeat customers and have heard & seen K.BLU around.

We currently have a pop-up shop in Mandarin Gallery Orchard, so the other 40% comes from tourists who are visiting, hopefully they’ll become repeat customers overtime.

This is a good thing for K.BLU, being the pioneer luxury swimwear brand from Singapore, I will see more challenges in the future but it’s a good challenge as to how we progress further ahead of the others.

Q: Where do you see the future of swimwear/ fashionable swimwear? Ultimately what is your vision for K.BLU and Kenzilily?

A: Unlike 3 years ago when I started K.BLU, swimwear is becoming more of a fast fashion lately. Be it locally or internationally, I see more new swimwear brands appearing.

This is a good thing for K.BLU, being the pioneer luxury swimwear brand from Singapore, I will see more challenges in the future but it’s a good challenge as to how we progress further ahead of the others.

I want customers to see more styles and brands. This way, we build a lifestyle concept surrounding atheleisure, swimwear and resort wear.

My dream is to see a St.Tropez or a Sydney feel alike in say Sentosa. Where one would just hop on a beach bus, have a morning or afternoon lay down at the beach, head for a leisurely coffee and do some light shopping in the area wearing nothing but summer kaftans and dresses.

We are an all-year-round city island, we should embrace our sun and beach!


Q: Tell us about your Number 1 business challenge?

A: Currently the biggest challenge we have thus far is to create a brand that fits everyone in different shape and sizes no matter the race.

Initially we designed our swimwear to cater to the Asian body type, but now that we’ve received feedback from our consumers overseas, we are currently working on meeting international needs.

Be brave in seeking mentorship and empower yourself with knowledge.

Q: What are three lessons that you’ve learned so far from entrepreneurship? 

A: I’ve learnt that everything takes time. Also, honesty and perseverance takes you far in life.

Q: As an entrepreneur, what motivates you personally? 

A: Essentially to build an international brand, I would need buyers and customers to give me their support and testimonies on how they feel K.Blu would make them feel beautiful and confident.

Q: What would be your advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs? 

A: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may find that there are a lot of people out there who went through the same thing as you, you’ll never know until you talk about it. Be brave in seeking mentorship and empower yourself with knowledge.

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