3 Tips On Marketing Your Brand To The Next Level

With so many competing brands, image is everything in today’s business. Consumers want to feel connected to a brand and feel as though the company promotes their own goals, morals, and vision. Therefore, many companies are using cause marketing to connect to their consumers.

One of the biggest and well-known strategies is TOMS. They launched the “buy one, give one” campaign which means that for every product pexel that a consumer buys from their company, they will donate the same item to someone in need. Other companies have followed in TOMS’ footsteps. EcoTools, empower women all over the world, and Pangea Organics, using their skin care products to inspire people to think about sustainability in the supply chain.

If you’re looking to achieve your business goals this year, while focusing on a worthy cause, try incorporating some of these tips in your marketing strategy.

#1 Find a Message That Speaks to You and Your Brand

You will first need to identify what social or environmental issue you want to tackle. Find something that has an impact for your consumers as well as your unique brand. Some great causes to consider are women’s empowerment, equality in the workplace, sustainability, educating women in third-world countries, or breast cancer awareness.

#2 Develop Your Marketing Strategy

It’s important to remember the entire marketing mix when you develop your strategy. You will want to incorporate your message into every channel you use, from social media to promotions. Here are some great cause and green marketing strategies that have worked for brands all over the world.

– Donate to the Cause: Like TOMS, many companies are starting to donate directly to their selected charity or cause. Find a third-party NGO or charity that is working towards your cause, and tell consumers that you will give a certain amount of proceeds to this charity.

– Host an Event: One way to spread your message is to host an event or day to promote your cause. For example, Walgreens promoted Red Nose Day by selling red noses at their stores to raise awareness and money to help kids living in poverty.

– Start a Social Media Campaign: Create a hashtag that resonates with your brand and your cause, and create a campaign to raise awareness. If you have a beauty company, you can ask people to share images of them without make-up to promote female empowerment, or post pictures of themselves at work to show the importance of equality.

#3 Walk the Talk

It’s not enough to just talk about your causes during your marketing campaigns, but it is important that you also back up your claims within your company. If you’re focusing on a greening campaign, be sure that you green your workplace and use green products throughout your entire production cycle. Your consumers will want to know that you are doing everything possible for your cause and are helping to create a brighter and beautiful world.

If you have the passion, it’s not hard to start a cause marketing campaign. You simply need to find what your brand is passionate about, and evoke this passion in your consumers. Day by day, you can work to not only make your business successful, but also make the world a better place.

Lucy Wyndham is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across a variety of sectors. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job and loves the work-life balance it offers her. 

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