Homegrown brand helps senior women stay active

Entrepreneur and Managing Director of homegrown aromatherapy brand Mt. Sapola, Cheryl Gan served the public as a civil servant for years before pursing her passion for essential oils. Having accumulated certifications in herbal medicine, anatomy, physiology, and holistic healing, Cheryl is also a therapist, a certified trainer, and an international distributor. Talk about wearing many hats! She also founded 365 days (home scent label), and Barn & Potter Holdings (production and manufacturing company). 
To top it all off, this successful LadyBoss is a mother of four. Cheryl is an inspiration to women out there who want it all and proof that women can have it all. Here’s what she says about being courageous and venturing into the unknown:

I love to think about the future. When people throw me questions about the seemingly dare-devil decisions I’ve made on venturing into new product lines and international regions, I often ask them the same thing in return, ‘Why not?’ Good decisions will never be made unless you step out of your comfort zone.

Did you know that Mt. Sapola develops and produces their own line of beauty and aromatherapy products in the sunny island of Singapore? Whenever it is possible, Cheryl also conscientiously offers jobs and a conducive environment to older women to help those in need of earning a wage, or to keep them active in their advanced age. At their local factory, most of their employees are women. 


Here are some essential oils we tried which were concocted to help the busy modern woman increase focus and reduce stress levels at work or home:

TO BOOST MENTAL CLARITY: Mt. Sapola Rosemary Essential Oil, $25.90 for 10ml
Rosemary helps to increase concentration and stimulate mental activity. It also helps to clear the mind and increase mental alertness. It is a good remedy for depression, mental fatigue and forgetfulness.
TO RELIEVE TENSION & ANXIETY: Mt. Sapola Bergamot Essential Oil, $29.90 for 10ml
Bergamot helps to stimulate hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, leading to a feeling of joy and ease. It promotes a positive energy in the environment, ideal for areas of work such as showrooms and meeting rooms to reduce tension and anxiety.
*Team LadyBoss favourite, the smell is not overpowering and so refreshing! We desperately need to keep the level of dopamine high in our hectic lives.
FOR QUICK NAPS AT WORK: Mt. Sapola Lavender Essential Oil, $27.90 for 10ml
Lavender helps to lower anxiety in stressed-out individuals, induces a relaxing and calming effect in people, relieving them of irritability, nervous tensions and panic attacks. Most suitable to use at night where people have trouble falling asleep due to restlessness acquired from work.

Try these yourself at the Mt. Sapola outlets and let us know if they have the same effects for you!
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