Oh Baby! Meet the Mumpreneur Behind Mumspick

Mumspick Apple Morales
Mumspick Apple Morales

Mumpreneur Apple Morales has dabbled in many businesses and her latest venture is a distributor of premium baby products, MumsPick.

Mumspick is the exclusive distributor in South East Asia of highly curated baby products from US and Europe, many of which have won multiple awards. In particular, MumsPick is getting known for distributing innovative baby and children’s products.

After spending 14 years in cosmetic giant L’Oreal, Apple decided to venture on her own so that she could spend more time with her child. She later did consultancy for cosmetic companies, started her own shoe line and even acquired a children’s play center which she helped set up called ActiveFun. Apple also founded Soyami, a brand of soya chips as an alternative for healthy snacking, which is distributed in the Philippines.

“Everyone you meet in life will have an impact on you, so never burn your bridges and always give your best when you meet people”

ActiveFun has a food bar catering to the children playing there and Apple wondered if there was a way to serve healthy snack food, which tastes great. She did her own R&D together with a hired baker in her own kitchen and came up with soya chips brand Soyami, the first in Philippines. Soyami is not only tasty, but nutritious and serves as a great alternative to junk food. After testing Soyami chips at ActiveFun for some time and getting great feedback, Apple approached a snack food distributor and right there and then got a container full order but had to deliver in 3 months, with no packaging, nutritional testing or any regulatory works in place. Apple said “I just agreed to it, it’s not a matter of if I could do it, but I must do it.”

Apple Morales with her 2 children
Apple Morales with her 2 children

Apple got down to work, designing packaging, marketing materials, getting FDA approval and a factory with more than a dozen staff. Everything just fell in the right place and with this deal. Soyami then hit the shelves in over 500 supermarkets nationwide. Apple completely self funded the Soyami business and ran it on a tight budget, putting in the best practices to make it effective.

“Everyone you meet in life will have an impact on you, so never burn your bridges and always give your best when you meet people” — Apple is a firm believer in that. She strongly believes that she accomplished her projects well due to hard work, and people she met along the way have helped her get to where she wants to be. 

Starting MumsPick

Having her youngest son as inspiration, Apple wanted to have access to high quality children’s merchandise for his upbringing.

Within less than a year, MumsPick is the exclusive distributor of more than a dozen brands of baby and childcare products. Mumspick had an online shop where parents can make informed decisions while shopping for their kids from the comfort of their home. Even though Soyami is running smoothly and focusing now on institutional sales, Apple does not take it easy with Mumspick. She is working constantly, attending baby fairs and handling distributions of Mumspick products in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Some of the brands which Mumspick carry include Sili Squeeze, Lovi, Jelly Sili Beads, Chewy Bibs, Ez Pz, Footer Family Foot Measure, Cares Kids Fly Safe, Monkey Mat®, FlatBox and more. Apple is still on the lookout for more high quality children and baby product brands which would like MumsPick to be the exclusive distributor in South East Asia.

Outside of running her business and family, Apple likes building things and crafts. “Whenever I get stressed, I search online to find things to build whether it’s a book shelf, busy board or toy for my son, it is therapeutic for me”. That’s perhaps why Apple excels at being an entrepreneur as she likes building things and business is a great thing to build too.

What’s your vision for Mumspick?

“I have so many dreams for my business, and I’m always thinking about the next thing I can do! I absolutely love building the business and seeing it grow. Expanding the distribution in South East Asia is on the top list and definitely more product offers. I think it’s so important that we constantly evolve as a business owner and do things that put you out of your comfort zone.  I love business and marketing so I’m constantly on the lookout for training and would also like to learn more on online marketing.”

Do you have any advice for mums who wants to become an entrepreneur?

“First, Love what you’ll do, I cannot stress how important this is. You can train yourself to keep going when you’re excited and buoyed by something you love doing. Second, Network like crazy! Learn from others and surround yourself with like-minded people and lastly, just go for it! And never ever doubt your ability to succeed.”

Mumspick Apple Morales
Apple Morales of Mumspick

How do you handle it all, managing a family with 2 children and running multiple businesses?

“I don’t know as well! Running your own business with raising a family is no mean feat. It is tough but I guess setting priorities is a must. The start up phase is always the hardest. You need to have dedication, time and commitment. It’s always misconstrued that running your own business means you have more freedom, but in reality, in the beginning you work twice or 3 times as much as you want to see results right away. I believe in what you sow is what you’ll reap. And then you start training people and learn to delegate and not micro manage (which I learned the best way) So, yes I’m very grateful to my great team in the Philippines to let me focus on new projects, to my patient and understanding husband of course and to my sons who after all, I do all this for.”

Catch MumsPick at Mummys Market Baby Fair on April 29 to May 1, 2016 visit her booth B33 or check out Mumspick’s website at www.mumspick.com

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