Organise Your Clutter: 4 Tips to Re-Style Problem Zones

Make Room is a Interior Design and Styling service for furniture and home decor. The Make Room Team gives you 4 tips on how to be better at organising. 

Spring cleaning can be done at any time of the year – be it daily, weekly or monthly. This also means organizing all the clutter we tend to find in the clutter ‘hot spots’.

These would usually be your shoe cabinet, kitchen, dresser and working desk, where storage just never seems to be enough. Here we will discuss some ways to re-style and organize these problem zones.

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Shoes tend to keep piling because we always seem to get new ones. Instead of trying to store all of them in the shoe cabinet, how about using them as personal items to display?

You can store your shoes, especially those that are worn often, in wooden crates, or display your favorite pairs of heels on a ladder! Wall shelves can be very practical too. If you’re afraid your shoes will trap dust, then simply store them in boxes. Get similar Ikea boxes for example to attain a neat look.

However, if you would prefer to just dump your shoes somewhere fast and practical – we would suggest getting a huge basket just like the ones we sell at Make Room from HK Living.


Kitchens always gets cluttered because…it simply is a necessity to stock up with food supplies. Rattan and wire baskets are usually our go to for kitchen storage.

If you have an empty wall, hang some wire baskets for things you would reach out to more often. A display cart is also a great idea for a spice storage. Jars are another great method to store things like sugar, flour and dried chilies because they look great displayed! Or if you just want to de-clutter your counter top, putting your kitchen items in baskets, gives them a dedicated space.

An organized work desk is all we dream about… and sometimes if we put in a little effort, that can be easily achieved. The number one area to utilize for storage are the walls. Wall shelves may not be very easy to install, but they are worth investing your time into.

Once these shelves are up, get more wire baskets and boxes to store things such as important documents, pens and miscellaneous small items. Paper bags are getting trendier these days too! Or if you still find it a hassle to install wall shelves, another great alternative is a trolley to the side of your desk, which gives an extended storage space.

The typical way to store necessities above the dresser is with more baskets, paperbags and glass jars. To save more space – something two-tiered allows to store things vertically. Better still, use the back of your door to hide larger things such as hairsprays and hair tools. Not only is this a great storage idea – it hides things that are less sightly.

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