How To Plan A Successful Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is highly stressful, to say the least! There are many stakeholders to please and 101 things that could go wrong. Here are some tips and tricks that you might find useful to throw a business event that your co-workers and guests won’t dread being at.

1. Define the event’s goals with stakeholders

It’s critical for companies to identify what the objectives of the corporate event and which stakeholder group they’re serving. This will determine the format, program and the vendors to work with. Use a project management tool to make sure that all team members are aligned and allocated tasks are completed. Keep a list of all contact points so you always know who to call and keep them in the loop of any changes.

2. Make sure your vendors are dependable

Ensure that you hire the right vendors to ensure that your event runs without a hitch. Jacqueline Ye, co-founder of Singapore’s first event-planning platform, whom we spoke to get some event-planning tips states that all vendors are required to be an established and registered business of at least 2 years, have a varied portfolio of events experience and Delegate also conducts their due diligence and occasionally run ad-hoc checks with past clients. They will be rolling out with a review system soon which will give users additional assurance and peace of mind when booking vendors via the platform.

3. Reach out to the people

The next important aspect would be to market your event extensively whether it’s through email marketing, direct calling, event discovery sites such as EventBrite or Peatix – if you don’t market your event, your deliverables won’t be achieved. The simple mechanism of boosting your event, a small budget of $20 could get you pretty far and raising awareness of your brand at the same time.

 4.  Keep within your budget

Apart from food and beverages, the costs of other event collaterals do add up to a substantial amount if you’re not budgeting carefully. Make your way to Bras Basah, Middle Road and Selegie for printing marketing collaterals. With so many shops in the cluster offering the same services, prices are competitive. Otherwise take a trip down to the Middle Road stretch, there are heaps of affordable print shops for collaterals in that area.

5. Include an interactive activity for your guests

Hire someone from Nativgo for creative services to personalise gifts on the spot for your guests. They can try mixing their own scent, put together a floral arrangement or have a quote written by a calligraphy artist. Business events don’t have to be all work and no fun!

6. Keep them happy

Hire a mobile bar like Wunderbar that provides quality alcoholic beverages on tap. They’ll come rolling in with their beautifully designed booth on wheels and start the party. No fuss to set up a temporary bar and no mess for you to clean up after!

7. Always be prepared for things to go wrong

Whether you believe in Murphy’s Law or not, nothing ever goes 100% according to plan when it comes to events. On the big day, make sure you have an extra pair of hands to help out when something goes wrong as you’ll have your hands full ensuring other parts of the events are running smoothly. Prepare a bag of essential like masking tape, safety pins, markers, batteries, even HDMI cables. Designate one team member to be the event runner.

8. Collect data to measure effectiveness

When the event is done and dusted, make sure you collect your attendees’ data points and follow up with them post-event to measure the effectiveness of your event.  Typeform is a great way of getting your attendees to fill in a digital feedback form, ask only the essentials as long surveys rarely get completed. You’ll save time by automating processes as much as possible. There are some great event tech tools available now. Try GuestDay and SGPad; they help make the guest registration seamless and efficient and can feed you with key data analytics and measurables to gauge the success of your event. You’ll do way better for the next event!
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