The Beauty Within: Q&A with Melissa Fann, Founder of The Wellness Insider

The Wellness Insider is Singapore’s first wellness platform dedicated to promoting body confidence.

Being a woman is no easy task. Keeping up the ‘perfect’ body type can lead to unhealthy attitudes towards weight loss and body size. ‘Bodyshaming’ is one example that has led to a rise in eating disorders and psychological issues.

Melissa Fann experienced this intimately and at a personal cost. Being ridiculed for her weight issues since young, she personally went through the ordeal and knows the devastating effects it can have. Her emotional journey led her to recently launch The Wellness Insider, a passion project that had been years in the making. The platform seeks to empower others who have been through a similar ordeal through better education, as well as open opportunities to come out of the vicious cycle.

The Wellness Insider provides curated expert opinions, products and services in the field of fitness, health, beauty and wellness. The brand promises to provide subscribers with information to enable them to make informed choices without judgement.

LadyBoss spoke to Melissa on The Wellness Insider!

Q: Tell us about your The Wellness Insider, and the personal challenges you encountered which inspired you to start it?

A: There have been a few key incidents throughout my life that have slowly shaped the creation of The Wellness Insider, with its focus on promoting body confidence through sustainable opinions, products and services in fitness, beauty and diet.

I’ve always been made conscious about my weight since I was young and it was only when I was older did I realise how it had affected me psychologically – always chasing the latest diet trend, wasting money on weight loss programmes or massages and feeling guilty if I had eaten something ‘decadent’. It didn’t help that I only received compliments whenever I lost weight.

The tipping point came when I discovered that I had endometriosis and had suddenly gained 10kg within a few months, had to go for emergency surgery and while I was worried about my health, I had heard that an ex-colleague had passed a remark that I probably went for surgery due to complications with diet pills. The hurt and anger from that comment fuelled my determination to work hard on my mental health while I also started researching on food and fitness. It was there that I realised that there were so many people who are constantly body shamed, bullied and embarking on diet fads – just like me. Thus, I wanted to create a platform to properly educate people about holistic health, give sustainable advice from the experts themselves while promoting body confidence because it is that with which we can then embark on a health journey.

I’ve always been made conscious about my weight since I was young and it was only when I was older did I realise how it had affected me psychologically

Q: Tell us how long you’ve been doing it, and who  your readers are / how many?

A: It has been 9 months since The Wellness Insider begun and our readers are mainly females aged 25 to 45. It seems like a wide range but it only goes to show how we are all facing similar issues when it comes to wellness.

Q:  What were you doing before starting The Wellness Insider?

A: I used to be in the financial industry for the past decade, focusing on marketing, events management and investor education.

Q:Iterms of sales and marketing, how do you reach your readers, and what works?

A: We’ve been focusing on content marketing for the past 6 months and we will continue doing so as we see the best results from it. People do respond to quality content that relates to them. In terms of monetisation, we’re running small events such as our Basic Kombucha Workshop, we have also recently partnered with a social enterprise such that products sold in our Wellness Store will see a 25% of our commissions donated to charity. We have also recently launched our monthly subscription Wellness Box where our subscribers will receive surprise items every month.

Q:Where do you see the future of your business?

A: We hope to grow regionally within the next couple of years while continuing to churn out quality content and working with esteemed experts.

Q: Tell us about your Number 1 business challenge?

A: Just like any start up, getting customers and making the business sustainable are always difficult. I’m still learning every single day and I like to tell others that I wish I could clone myself!

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