The Reason You’re Feeling Like A Fraud In Your Business

Female Entrepreneur Stressed
Female Entrepreneur Stressed

One of the biggest fears new women entrepreneurs face is feeling like they’re a complete and utter fraud. There’s that fear that one day soon someone’s going to call them out on being a fraud and their whole business is going to come crashing down. And then they’re going to tell themselves ‘I told you so’ because deep down they never thought they were good enough to be their own brand. 

I know because I used to think and feel exactly that when I started my first coaching business. Back then I was a health coach who specialized in helping women eat clean and quit their addiction to the white stuff – sugar.  The thing was, while I was coaching them, I was simultaneously thinking about my afternoon tea and the beautiful dark chocolate I was going to enjoy. You see, I love fine dining in fancy restaurants; and I adore quality dark chocolate.

So whenever I allowed myself to indulge in a beautiful restaurant dinner, or eat organic dark chocolate, I would feel like a fraud.

I wasn’t practicing what I preached. And I was afraid others would find out, putting an end to my business dreams.

I wasn’t going to give up my love of the finest foods and quality ingredients no matter how much sugar they contained and it was then I realized I felt like a fraud because I was not living on brand. My message was not in alignment with who I truly was.

So if you’ve been reading this and slowly realizing you’ve been doing exactly the same thing as I have, then I can guarantee this is the exact reason why you aren’t getting traction in your business.

So how did I turn this fraud around to becoming a confidence and glowing brand? 

I went all in to LIVE my brand.

Here’s the 5 steps to help you do just that.

1. Embrace your true desires.

What do you truly desire?

When I asked myself what I really wanted, my answer was loud + clear:

To enjoy the finest things in life. I love indulging in a piece of chocolate every day. I adore the stunning Dior couture. I desire to take my parents to travel around the world in first class…

Your desires don’t need to make you martyr where you’re of service to the whole entire world. You don’t need to justify your desires. If you desire a beautifully hand-crafted Lady Dior bag (just like I do), that’s perfectly perfect. I’m cheering you on. There’s nothing wrong with your desires.

But so many of us do not dare to own our desires.  We’re afraid what others would say. We are afraid of being judged. We are afraid of being rejected for our desires. But dear, you know what? if you’re not owning your desires, you’re rejecting YOURSELF!

So what are your deepest desires?

2. Make your desires your brand

Embrace your desires into your brand. Because that’s the true you!

For me, when I started to own my desires and not hide them, my brand and business started to blossom.

Through my brand, I showed how to keep slim while enjoying my indulgences.

Through my brand, I showed how to elegantly incorporate luxury in your daily life to allow yourself become that woman who has it all.

I became a lifestyle designer in line with my true desires rather than a fraud health coach.

I love my mentor Gina Devee’s story. She loves Italy. She always dreamt of going but she was afraid of what her spiritual clients would think if she ever booked herself a first class ticket and travelled in luxury. It was only when she started to embrace her desires into her brand and held luxe events in Italy, her ideal clients were attracted to her and her business exploded.

So what can you start to incorporate into your life to make your desires your living brand?

3. Living your desires and living on brand

Embrace it into your everyday life. Breath it, live it!

Start with little things. If you desire a Lady Dior bag, you don’t necessarily have to buy a bag in order to embrace it.

Ask yourself, why do I desire the bag?

Is it because you love the feeling of elegance it brings? Then start to incorporate the feeling into your daily life, now.  For example, buy yourself fresh flowers, put on Miss Dior perfume every morning, having a bubble bath.

You can start to live a luxurious life right now.

Living your desires every day and you can’t help but be alignment with who you truly are.

4. Share your brand message in an authentic way

You may have heard of “Fake it ‘til you make it”.

I believe in the opposite: “Be it until you become it!”

I love what my mentor Tara Marino says, “Beauty is TRUTH.” Sometimes it’s scary to show the world who we truly are. But that’s the only way for you to stand out the crowd with the confidence inside out.

Start where you are.

On a recent coaching call with a beautiful client, she confided she wanted to incorporate travel photos on her website but she hasn’t travelled much yet. We’ve mapped out a plan for her to start where she is now to incorporate travel photography into her brand, so she can express her true desires, now and connect with her true tribe, now.

5. Match your brand with the online presence it deserves

Do you have website shame? Is your website and social media presence not in alignment with your brand?

Your brand’s external appearance must be aligned to it’s essence.

A well designed website showcases the true essence of your brand to the world and makes you truly live on brand from inside to outside.

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