In Search of Inspiration: 2 Brazilian Women and Their Global Quest for Female Entrepreneurs

The Girls on the Road. Photo by Aida Jones.

Created by two Brazilians, Taciana Mello and Fernanda Moura, known as “The Girls on The Road”, have started a project called “F♀unders Project” which aims to inspire women of all continents.

Taciana and Fernanda, who have had successful corporate careers, moved to California in 2013 and began to experience the entrepreneurial environment and analyze the role of women in this process. From that, arose the interest to learn more about the issue and they began The Girls On The Road/F♀unders Project, in order to inspire other women.

There they were able to observe the lack of women entrepreneurs in practice and to search for more information about the subject, like TechCrunch data that women founded only 3% of tech startups in Silicon Valley.

The lack of confidence and fear of failure are factors identified by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor special (GEM) – Report Women’s Entrepreneurship – 2015 as obstacles to the development of women as entrepreneurs in countries mentioned in the report.

“If in Silicon Valley, mecca of entrepreneurship and innovation, women still face difficulties, for example, to have access to financial resources and markets, imagine in the rest of the world,” says Fernanda.

To answer this question, as the first initiative of The Girls on the road, they have launched F♀unders Project, which will cover more than 20 countries on five continents, for a year, with a mission to identify, interview and share inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs that have impacted the reality around them.

The project will portray different realities and therefore include contrasting countries like United States, Australia and Cuba and Japan.

In addition to interviewing with women entrepreneurs, the project also hears from local support organizations in each country to contextualize the local environment.

The result will be presented in a documentary format, in late 2017. The journey, called The F♀unders journey, which began this past July, aims to present positive examples and help women consider the possibilities to take their ideas out of the paper, and be part of the conversation in those countries they will visit.

“In general, women feel less capable than men and to become an entrepreneur, this condition is not favorable.

But another aspect stands out: the lack of female role models who will inspire them,” says Taciana.

F♀unders Project has already interviewed women entrepreneurs in US, Canada, Mexico, Japan and South Korea.

A full list of countries can be found at the website.

Their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages will bring exclusive videos and photos of places visited and a logbook with perceptions of interviews with local entrepreneurs and organizations.

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