Singapore GE2015 LadyBoss – Who’s The Top on The Internet?

img ladyboss GE2015 top summary

Internet is one of the major strategies of marketing these days and it plays an even important role in the Singapore General Elections 2015 as Singaporeans are more connected than ever. So who’s the leading LadyBoss on the internet?

We present our very own GE 2015 LadyBoss Internet Billboard Infographic.


img ladyboss ge2015 internet billboard infographic


PAP’s Tin Pei Ling Emerges At The Top

So, who’s right at the top? That’s right, it’s new mum Tin Pei Ling. She started as one of the most disliked members of PAP, with Facebook groups dedicating to remove her as MP. However, she has proven her worth and with a boost from the opposition, NSP’s Cheo Chai Chen saying that being a mother is a weakness, she has emerged as the champion for working mothers. The rebuttal article by Tin Pei Ling was shared over 38k times.

It is interesting to note that among the top 5, Lee Li Lian  of Worker’s Party occupies 4th seat. Where is Sylvia Lim you may ask? Unfortunately, Sylvia Lim doesn’t have a dedicated Facebook Page for herself. The other 3 LadyBosses, Josephine Teo, Dr. Amy Khor and Grace Fu are famous faces who have been around.


Worker’s Party He Ting Ru Stands Out Amongst The New Faces

He Ting Ru stands out amongst the new faces in GE 2015 and for good reason. She is smart, charismatic and delivers a great speech. Her youtube video is  the most highly watched among all the LadyBosses in GE2015 with over 59k views. She has been compared to Nicole Seah and they both have been in contact, talking about cats.


PAP’s Sim Ann May Have Gotten The Most Negative Publicity

Sim Ann had one of the highest search hits on Google Trends with more than 11k searches a day, for her attack speech on SDP’s Chee Soon Juan, with the famous words “chu pattern”. As they say, there is so such thing as bad publicity, but we will see how this pans out.


All sources derived from public sources, social media Facebook, Twitter, Google Trends, YouTube and the numbers are correct as of 8th September 2015.

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