Start Your Online Shop With These 3 Easy to Use ECommerce Platforms

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Ladies, if you are in the business of selling products, you got to be online! It doesn’t matter if you are selling clothes, accessories, food etc. bulk of the shoppers are moving online. Even if you have a physical shop, an online presence will help you get discovered and constantly engage with your customers to sell them new goods or bring them back.

Other than the usual website, domain name, social media, blog etc. which are all really important, we will focus on online shop. The good news is that there are quite a number of platforms out there today which can help you achieve it easily. Here are our favourites:


1. Shopify

Ease of Setup: Easy

Ease of Use: Easy

Mobile Optimized : Yes

Cost: Starting From S$19/Mth

Shopify is the go to all in one solution to get started quickly. For a small fee monthly, Shopify provides beautiful pre-designed templates that you can use out of the box and also takes care of payment tools. Shopify also allows you to maintain a small blog within the site, but it has limited customisation options, so you may opt to keep a separate blog or use their service. If you are looking for more designs, there are several premium themes available, but they come at around $100 – $140 each. The shops are also mobile optimised, which is great as more and more shoppers are buying on mobile now.


shopify demo

Tattly Online Store Built Using Magneto


2. WooCommerce

Ease of Setup: Medium to Expert

Ease of Use: Medium

Mobile Optimized : Depends on Theme

Cost: Free (Hosting cost varies)

WooCommerce works as a wordpress plugin, so you can install directly to your wordpress site if you have one. Although a clean installation with just WooCommerce can be relatively painless, the difficulty comes when you are trying to configure Woo Commerce to work with existing themes and plugins, which can get very messy. Depending on your configuration, it might be simpler to keep WooCommerce on a separate wordpress install, or use multisite to separate the main site from the shop. Although WooCommerce core is free, you will probably need some paid plugins like the payment gateway to have a complete store.


woo commerce demo

Life Online Store Built Using Woo Commerce


3. Magento OpenSource

Ease of Setup: Expert

Ease of Use: Medium to Expert

Mobile Optimized : Yes

Cost: Free (Hosting cost varies)

Most hosting servers like GoDaddy should have a cPanel dashboard which allows you to do a one click installation for Magneto. That will be the recommended way to get started. As all free things go, they tend to require more work and Magneto is no different. Setting up Magneto is not as intuitive as WordPress as there isn’t like a graphical interface where you can drag and drop elements. The dashboard for Magneto can be quite daunting and the files have to be uploaded through ftp as opposed to WordPress where you can upload it directly. The web pages are divided into static blocks which you have to customise one by one. Magneto does have a very comprehensive sales and inventory management system for the backend, coupled with reports. Buying pre-made Magento themes for a small fee can be a way to quickly get the store off the ground.


magneto northface demo

NorthFace Online Store Built Using Magneto


So there you have it, 3 of the most widely used ecommerce platforms available right now. If you do not want to go through the hassle of DIY shop setup, you should still engage vendors to help you setup the online store using a platform like Shopify or Woo Commerce, so that you will be able to manage the store by yourself going forward. Your store will need constant updating, like new products, promotions and so on and you can’t rely on your vendor for those.


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