Staying Foolish and Hungry Featuring Karen Tan, Founder of Pocket Projects

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We were at General Assembly’s Event, featuring a panel of speakers talking about how to stay foolish and hungry. Many people start to get complacent somewhere in life after some point especially when life is comfortable, which is a total opposite to the kind of drive needed to be an entrepreneur. Panel speakers Karen Tan, founder of Pocket Projects and Arrif Ziaudeen, founder of Chope are two of the prominent entrepreneurs among the panel.


karen tan founder pocket projects


Karen Tan, Urban Revival Specialist

It’s great to meet and listen to Karen Tan speak in person. She specialises in taking run down areas and redeveloping them into something attention catching and sustainable such as the award winning Lorong 24A Shophouse series. One of her most famous projects is none other than the chic Projector.


the projector


The Projector, Independent Cinema

The Projector is not the typical cinema as they cater to mostly independent films which otherwise have little avenues to be shown in Singapore. Just as Karen said “if you want to watch Transformers, you don’t go to the Projector.” The Projector is a place where indie film lovers can gather to watch non main stream films and also support local film makers. The best part about it? It’s transformed from an old rundown cinema, the Golden Theatre and Karen’s team has not only injected new life but also retained the nostalgic feel of olden days cinema going.


Stay Hungry, but Don’t Be Foolish

On the topic, stay hungry, but don’t be foolish. You should always think through carefully what you want to do. Especially if you are running around trying to get investors, the more time you have spent thinking out your proposal, the more prepared you will be to face them.

We will be interviewing Karen Tan soon and we are thrilled to learn of a new revival project in KL, Malaysia. Subscribe to LadyBoss to be the first to read/watch our exclusive interview!

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